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K-Mart sells motorcycle batteries.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. 8-[ Have I been living under a rock. =; no need to answer.
    Is this common knowledge or been posted before :?:
    I went in to the 24 hour K-Mart in Burwood(Vic) yesterday to buy a battery charger and above the Exide car batteries,
    is a complete range of Exide motorcycle batteries. Like 8 different models and sizes.
    Price wise seems from a quick check about same. My Bandit was 70$ off web and 68$ at K-Mart.
    Bike shop aint open 24/7 tho :)

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  2. Think this will be a big rock :LOL: yep no idea kmart stocked them, good to know though
  3. Nice find Kenny.

    (moving to businesses & service providers)
  4. They don't just sell batteries - they sell WHOLE MOTORCYCLES!!!

    Well, if you call Chinese-made small-capacity dirt bikes motorcycles, they do.

    But they are for-real petrol-powered two wheelers.
  5. I hesitate to reanimate this long-dead thread, but I do so for the sake of future searchers.

    Let the record show that Kmart in Burwood no longer sell motorcycle batteries.
  6. Nor does the Brunswick Kmart.


    They've stopped selling useful man's stuff in general.
  7. Kmart's a woman's store now, have you seen their ad? A whole lot of women they invite into the store, not one man.
  8. I get all my clothes at Kmart. Are you calling me a NiteKreeper?
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  9. No, I buy all my clothes there too, but they are marketing themselves to women and have reduced the tools/automotive/camping/fishing/sporting/bbq man's stuff sections to almost nothing. But the women's clothing, makeup, sheets/towels/pillows/kitchen accessories are the same or expanded.

    The toy section is pretty useless too.
  10. I buy all my women at Kmart
  11. Hahaha! Ah..sorry Kreep! Couldn't help but laugh!
  12. Understand it may be that Kmart in Burwood, VIC that had stopped selling. But up here in Kmart Burwood, NSW, they are still selling the exide batteries for bikes.
  13. What are the ladies apparels in the men's section like?