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Jym's new and slightly scratched CBR250R Fi

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jym, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. G'day Blokes and Blokettes!

    I suppose a few of you saw my post on how I bought a new CBR, and then dropped it on the first day? Well I thought it time I posted in here, showed it off, and gave a little bit of a comparison to the MC19 CBR250R.

    As you can see, The Fi (As I will call it from here, referring to the 2011 model) is a big bigger. As a matter of fact, technically speaking, the ride height is 2.5inches taller, doesn't sound like much, but I tell you what, its the different between being flat footed at traffic lights and being propped up on one leg.
    Honda have stated that this bike will be comfortable for riders 5'3 - 6'2. Now, I'm 5'6 and I personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone shorter.

    From there I will say, it has a lower powerband. To me, this bike feels more like a cruiser than a sports-bike, but not completely. The seating position is less aggressive, and it has a 10500rpm redline (I will have to double check the redline) as opposed to the fairly aggressive screaming demon of the MC19 with an 18k redline, that most people unfortunately pushed all the way to 20)
    But I'm not complaining, as quick take-offs are just as easy, and much quieter, being that there is more low-midrange power available. (I'm a shiftworker, so quiet is actually good for me)

    The display is clear and easy to read. Its got a nice blue lighting hue which is pleasant to look at. The digital speedo is incredibly accurate, and there is no lag. The Fuel Gauge is a very nice addition to the display. Might not seem all that important, but the MC19 didn't have one, and it took me a few weeks to get used to the distance I could travel before refuelling.

    The seat is a bit of a let-down. It may have been that I was riding in the rain and hail. It may have been that I was tensed up, but the seat definitely isn't as soft as the older models. And much firmer than the Ninja seat. Which is not a big deal really, as there is plenty of room to fidget around as you're riding.

    The Fi still only has about 70kms on it at the moment. I'm hoping today is going to end up being nice, so I can take it out and really scrub those tyres in. The last 2 days have been terrible, and having taken a tumble the first day, I've been even more cautious than required.

    Sunbury Honda Motorcycles advised me specifically against a hard run-in on this particular bike, as it is only a single cylinder bike, and being that he probably has more experience with hard vs soft run-ins I took his advice. So at the moment, I dont know how it will perform at high revs. But you can all look forward to seeing for yourselves at one of the club rides very soon.


    PS - 110kmh = 6800RPM on the Fi, compared to 10500 on the MC19
  2. Question??
    Any reason why you wanted another 250?

    If you're on lams, why not stay with what you had while on restrictions after which you then would have had a larger choice of bikes...

    Just wondering....
  3. The one on the left of piccy,
    Is it the way its sitting or is the fairing off to one side, ???????
  4. Well,
    I'm a fully licenced rider (Again, long story short - I got my licence then lost it speeding and had to wait 12 months and start again when I lived in queensland)

    Although I'm not on a provisional licence, for some reason I still have the LAMS restrictions for 12 months...I don't understand it either.
    The reason I upgraded was because my MC19 died. And since I've already thrown about 2 grand at it fixing it up in the last few months, I didn't want to throw any more at it. Its got a cracked exhaust manifold, chain and sprockets need replacing, starter motor is gone, it overheats after about 10 minutes of riding, even though I've put a new cooling system in it, etc. etc.
    Being that the new 250's are only 6.1k ride away, I just figured I'd buy a new bike, and have the reliability of owning a new vehicle. (As a bike is my only form of transport, I needed something ASAP to get to work)

    Also - My missus wants to get her bike licence, so she'll take it after I'm done with it and she won't have to worry about it having any problems, unlike the old 250 (Which I might add, is older than I am, with updated fairings)

    I'm also not too worried about it only being a 250 since it'll use next to no petrol. I do plan to get a CBR600RR next year, but for now, I'm content with my little 250.

    And yes, the angle is a bit strange, but the fairings are all there.

    I will at some stage get the old bike running again. But until my missus gets her licence I don't have any reason to. I'm pretty broke, and don't make a whole lot, so I just needed a reliable vehicle to get me to work and back. But I love to ride, and really want to get back into riding for fun, instead of necessity. With this bike, I can do that, because I can ride for a whole day and not have it break down on me.
  5. Cool, makes a little more sense now.
    Shame about your little mishap home but good that it was only minor.
    Ride safe and enjoy your riding..... (y)
  6. Fi looks like it just ate a really, really sour lemon.
  7. but they DO look very nice in the metal, sorta like a shrunken 1200

    jym, I wouldn't condemn the seat after only 70kms of riding, new seats tend to 'bed in' after a bit....
  8. This is true. And after all, I can always modify it a little bit. Open it up, stick some extra padding in there, and bobs-my-uncle, more comfort.

    Went out to the ranges over from Gisbourne this afternoon got a good scrub session in with the tyres. I couldn't believe how much the Fi wanted to get thrown around. It just wants to lean! It was rather interesting. But fun!

    I'll admit though, I didn't scrub them all the way over, I just couldn't bring myself that far after taking that plunge. A few more days and I'll have my confidence back!

    Also - Today I paid for the NR membership. Do I have to do anything before it takes effect? I read the FAQs and it said to wait a couple days. Just making sure I don't have to let anyone know.
  9. Mouth is very busy these days and it sometimes takes a bit longer, but be patient and it WILL happen :)
  10. Its all gravy baby. I'm a patient person. Just wanted to make sure I did it right so as not to cause stress for anyone else.
  11. So good to read this!

    Hubby is test riding one for me on Saturday. I'm on a CBF250 at the moment. I get my full license in October. I'm so super comfortable on my 250, if it only had a little more balls, I'd keep it.

    I'm not a speeder, or a risk taker on the bike. I'm always at the back of the group which is where I'm happiest. Don't want to feel like I'm holding anyone up. I ride MY ride...not that of the others in the group.

    I've chopped and changed as to which bike I'm going to get when I get my blacks & have done heaps of research.

    Can I ride a bigger bike - of course. But why pay for a bigger bike when I'm not going to use it to it's fullest capacity?

    I was introduced to the Honda CBR250r on Saturday. Very nice looking, and only $6500 brand new at the moment. Price will be going up by about 2k in two weeks.

    I have this mindset that 250's are only for learners. But, I'll be keeping mine for 5 years. I've only had 1 years riding experience, and have heard the CBR250 will really help me learn more.

    As I have said, hubby will be taking one for a test ride for me on Saturday. I just need to make sure it can get off at the lights a little quicker than my CBF does. I can only ride it up and down Sydney City's drive way because of insurance purposes.

    Hubby has a Fireblade and the CBR250r is nicknamed the 'Baby Blade'.

    Was looking for someone's imput re; this bike! Thanks heaps!
  12. If youre wanting to keep a LAMS bike for 5 years Id highly recommend passing over the 250's.

    I know people who are happy with the 500's like Suzuki GS500, or Kawasaki ER5 from their LAMS period.
  13. Yeah, the GS500f was one of the bikes I was deciding over. Had a look at it on Saturday. Hate the way it looks from the riders seat. The fairings just look like they're not supposed to be there. And I hate the naked look!

    I dunno...I don't know what to do.
  14. Probably dont invest too much in a bike youre uncertain about. If you spend $6500 on a 250cc now, I think youll end up wanting to upgrade in a year or two and the depreciation will be a big waste of money.

    What about 2nd hand bikes?
  15. O RLY....

    Interesting :D Where'd you find that out?
  16. The CBR is what the CBF should have been , had a good flog on one recently , they are a lot of fun .
    They will keep a learner very happy with the cornering clearance.

    cheers Michael
  17. I have thought of second hand, but given I'm going to keep it for a bit, I thought brand new may be best.

    The owner of Sydney City told us that the price would be going up. I've done some research, and he's right.

    According to this website The Motor Report it says:
    Pricing for the 2011 Honda CBR250R has yet to be confirmed, although it will likely fall in the vicinity of Kawasaki's $7499 Ninja 250R.

    I love my CBF...I really do...it just needs a bit more balls!
  18. Hi Marie,

    I spoken to Honda City in Adelaide and the price was not going up.

    $6000 for Non ABS

    $6500 for ABS version

    comes with 3 month Rego.

    ABS version will be available from Early May.
  19. Yeah, I think it was a sales pitch. One that we believed too! Well, screw Sydney City!

    Just got off the phone to a bike shop in Mittagong (only 45 minutes from my house) who is offering me the ABS version for $6500! They'll have the ABS there in stock for me on the 5th of May!

    So I'll be getting the ABS model for the same price Sydney City were offering the basic model for!

    Didn't ask how long the rego was tho. I'll just give him a call.

    Woo Hoo! 12 months rego! Amazing! I know who I'll be buying through!
  20. Hi,

    I am after ABS version too. Expecting delivery Early may.