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Justin Bieber splashes $20,000 on motorbike, despite no license

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aste9974, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/en...spite-no-license/story-e6frewyr-1226334834202

    Ducati is now officially uncool :p, as are motorbikes.

    He got a 'limited edition' arctic white silk Ducati 848 EVO, but doesn't have a motorcycle licence and hasn't ridden a motorbike before. His 'friend' Usher convinced him to buy it, as he has a Duc too.
  2. Who?...
  3. She's the girl who dates the Mexican girl from the Disney Channel.
  4. Just wait, now that new boy band with the equally bad hair will get bikes too and we'll all have to find another hobby.
  5. Ducati should pay him $20,000 to piss off and by something more suitable...maybe a hyosung. ( better learners bike, not canning Hyo's)
    And I would sack the Dealer for tanking their brand image in one foul swoop.

    I find him annoying. Perhaps he'll have a week to pose on it before he goes down the road on his arsk and looks like a tool.
  6. Resisting the urge to sling off at him. Not easy.

    The more high profile people who take up riding, the better. This one isn't my cup of tea, but millions of screaming teenage girls think he's the bomb (apparently) so, if having a pretty-boy on the bike makes bikes seem more desirable to all those girls, how can that be a bad thing?

    OTOH, if he hurts himself, that wouldn't be good.
  7. I wouldnt worry too much. A motorcycle for him is going to be about as functional as his earrings and necklace. It will look good when his poses on it - while stationary. Hence buying a ducati.
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  8. I would like 20 grand to splurge on some thing I liked,

    On A Whim.
  9. I feel sorry for anyone with one of those where he lives. We all look the same while on the bike, so those poor blokes are going to get mobbed everytime they go for a ride.

    But on the plus, they douch drove his fancy pants car without a licence, he is likely to do the same on the bike, and potentially resolve bad music at the same time ;-)
  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    So who still rides a duke?

    Cool - as in 11 year old girl cool...

    Thankfully it wasn't a yamaha.
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  11. Money doesn't always come with the brains to use it sensibly.

    While I don't have an interest in the young guy's music he does have the talent and voice, so I can't rag on him for that.

    But his vehicle choices at his age and level of competence are fairly stupid. Isn't that what the life of excess in California does to 'famous' people anyway?
  12. I can't wait til I see someone riding one of these somewhere. I'll be able to ask them "Isn't that the say bike Justin beiber has? Did you get it because he has one" :cheeky:

    Also, he's been to victoria, maybe they should add him to the "unlicenced rider" statistics.
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  13. Yeah, there'd be a sudden glut of Lakemba-based R-6's on the market...
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  14. It's a wonder they didn't just give him the bike.

    Come to think of it: Buy Ducati for 20 grand - Ducati then offers him millions to appear in an advertising campaign aimed at new potential riders when he's old enough to ride it on the road.

    He'll probably use it to ride downtown and get an icecream.

    Either that or he's secretly Dating Rossi...
  15. In a single photoshoot, Bieber could produce a motorcycle ad, gay p0rn, and lesbian "chicks with dicks" p0rn.
  16. 20k, hardly a lot of money. Put it into further perspective against what he earns.
    I bet his insurance wont allow him to ride it anyway.

    Wonder why he didn't buy an 1199? He can add it to his collection of Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo and Rolls Royce Phantom...
  17. Hes worth over 100 milly, have u seen the cars he has so far? And he just dropped big coin on a house. With any luck in a few years he wont be popular and stop "singing" and then realise he has no money or talent left.

    Same with those 2 boy bands that are popular with 12 year olds.
    Sick of hearing about them and bieber... I hope beiber ends up like scott storch and develops a cocaine habit and blows .. All his money. Storch had millions of dollars in cars and toys and ended up broke. Hopefully he does too.
  18. If anyone wants this thread locked and never to be resurrected again please nod.
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  19. I can't nod, the button disappeared :(
  20. wont be the first non rider who bought the bike first before getting their license.
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