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Justifying the contradiction...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Questions that have been keeping me awake at night...

    Justifying the contradiction

    As motorcyclists, we are just as entitled to use the road as any cager or truck driver. We have the same rights and responsibilities as all road users.

    We are entitled to the entire width of the lane, which we use to our advantage, riding in the wheel tracks on wet days, picking the side of the lane which give us best visibility, playing slaloms with potholes etc. We get our backs up whenever a cager strays into our lane or pulls across too close in front of us. We scream and yell at people who don't have their eyes continually scanning for motorcycles.

    And yet at the same time, we do our utmost to be as sneaky and underhanded as possible. We lane split, mostly at slow pace, sometimes at speed, knowing full well it is against the law. We use the shoulder, turning bays and median strips in ways that cagers could never have imagined. We push our way to the front of the queue at traffic lights and fly off at break neck speed, just because we can.

    Now my question:

    How can we, at the same time, demand that we be treated with the same respect and have the same rights as other road users, and still play all these sneaky little games to get one up on the cagers? :?:

    Surely, the minute that we decide to start riding along that magic white line of dashes along the road, between two rows of frustrated cagers, is the moment that we forfeit (at least some of) our right as road users? :?:

    We ask cagers and truckies to pay special attention to us, and keep a special eye out for us because we are much more likely to be injured in a crash. Then we ride around in shorts and t-shirts seemingly laughing at our own susceptibility. :?:

    These issues have been frothing around in my head for a while now, and I still have no idea what to make of it.

    Can anyone out there answer these questions?? :?:


    Confused on two wheels. :?
  2. Lanesplitting through stopped traffic/under 20 km an hour traffic is legal in most European countries and some parts of the US (granted in California it's legal to lanesplit on the highway at 100km an hour, and it's also legal not to wear a helmet).

    Yes it might be the law, and we should obey it. It's also a pretty stupid law that a bike can't lanesplit stopped traffic if done safely. And I've lane split past cop cars in stopped/slow traffic on more than one occasion, never had any issue.

    As to getting to the front. Partly it's because we can. Partly it's also 20 times safer. Don't even have to gun it when the lights go green, and you've got 20 metre gap between you and the rest of the traffic, which makes it a lot safer.
  3. Pete,

    At your age, the thoughts keeping me awake at night were ones like:

    "How can I get into her pants? Will they fit me if I do?"
    "How can I get her and her girlfriend to agree?"
    "Why can't I seem to last more than 48 minutes?"

    *Sigh* The youth of today........
  4. Yeah, well fortuneately, her pants fit me, her girlfriend has already agreed and I know tantra...

    I was trying to be serious...
  5. good point pete, most riders I know lane-split, but feel guilty about it, especially when it doesn't go to plan. if we remember about all the countries that have RECENTLY legislated in favour of lanesplitting, it is actually a safe practice when done right, even though it may go against our laws on a technicality - it does put us (eventually) out in front of traffic and safe for a bit longer.

    i propose we have a lane-splitting pride march...
  6. well nil_orally i still uphold the traditions of yesteryear. and it isnt so much the pants i try to get into, (two people in one pair of pants doesnt work...) nor whether the girlfriend will agree. its more what she'll agree to and into somethign else. maybe the 48 minutes bit though :p :oops: haha. hmmm i lanesplit but i try to only do it when the traffic is stopped. and i reckon its fair enough considering they choose to drive something that doesnt fit between the cars :p they should still try and avoid killing us.
  7. I'd say we can't justify the contradiction.

    If we claim foul when we're sneaky, then we're deluding ourselves.

  8. Hey Pete, dont analyse it.

    What we do is not technically against the law. We are utilising the bike for the advantages it allows us.
    Better ecconomy
    Traffic Management

    So, in a way, we are the more intelligent breed. SOme would argue they have to drive a car for work purposes, valid point. I need a car and always wear a shirt and tie to the office. I plan my days accordingly and ensure that if I have meetings, i drive, otherwise, i ride.
  9. the question was not about the legality of lane splitting, but attitude of bikers in general to ride around doing things that are plainly dangerous, ie lanesplitting, speeding, riding in T-shirts, riding in the shoulders (all of which i'll freely admit I do) and then expecting special treatment from other road users because we are on bikes and they aren't as safe.
  10. 1: Thats bc there all cought up in there own world and dont even look for us and a small scratch on there cage could mean a wooden box for us !

    2: while im paying as much if not more for Rego and 3rd party insurance i'll keep demanding 'my' space on the road.

    2a : ever been abused for taking up a full car parking spot ? i have ,
    " why dont you park up there on the footpath and leave that spot for a car !! " ( see ans 2 )

    3: I dont make a habit of 'squiding' out in major traffic ( i will down to the 7/11 for more milk etc but no further ) So 3 is irrelevent for most people that ride bikes

  11. I will lane split when the traffic is either
    a. stopped
    b. not moving much between light changes
    c. when safe to do so.
    I have been waved through by police after coming up beside them and nodding gday (tend to be friendly to all uniform types must be my upbringing)
    most times drivers will see me and make room, if they dont I sit and wait for an opurtunity. However if they see me coming and then close the gap, well that is a different story.
    I know the questions Pete raised are valid. We accept, most days, the risk we take by being a vunerable road user. The risks can be lessened to a certain degree by the right clothing and dare I say it loud pipes (guilty as charged) but by also being more aware of what is happening around us and being (I hate to use this word) proactive to the challenging evironment we operate it.
    I think we can expect to be given respect by other road users as long as we can give respect to our vulnerability at the same time.
  12. Thanks Scumbag, I think that's the crux of it...
  13. did someone mention "crotch"?
  14. same here more than once, though it only seems to happen in the cbd for me. To which I normally reply, I didnt want to run over any pedistrians
  15. a privelidge i'd kill for up here - we get tickets for parking on the footpath.
  16. Movability?? That's a new one :shock: Too hard to spell "manoeuvrability" eh marty?? :LOL:
  17. Movability is what comes into play when a cage shovels us off the road :evil:
  18. It's common practice in NSW as well Marty, hell, I do it every morning. Just because it's common doesn't mean it's not dangerous.

    Look at all the stories from the last week or so of riders going down, our own Brokey in hospital, Skuffy narrowly avoiding death at the hands of a truck.

    We have to face the fact that what we do is intrinsicly dangerous. And yet we go out of our way to take more risks then expect other road users to take extra care because we're more vulnerable.

    It's like if I said, well I choose to shoot heroin because I like doing it. Because I am a heroin user, I should get special treatment because I'm now more vulnerable to things like O/D, blood born diseases and getting the crap beaten out of me...