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Justifiable Homicide?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Today's Herald-Sun

    (If you get a Manila gig Loz - make sure you're well rehearsed :p )

    Man shot dead for bad karaoke
    From correspondents in Manila

    June 01, 2007 08:01am
    Article from: Agence France-Presse

    A MAN has been shot dead by a security guard for singing out of tune in a Philippine karaoke bar.

    Romy Baligula, 29, was halfway through his song on Tuesday night in a bar in San Mateo town, east of Manila, when 43-year-old security guard Robilito Ortega yelled that he was out of tune.

    When Mr Baligula ignored his comments and continued singing, Ortega pulled out his revolver and shot him in the chest.

    Senior Superintendent Felipe Rojas said Mr Baligula died instantly.

    The security guard was detained by an off-duty policeman shortly after the shooting.

    Deaths and violence are not uncommon in Philippine karaoke bars.

    The popular Frank Sinatra song My Way has been taken off many karaoke bars in Manila after it was found to be the cause of fights and even deaths when patrons sang out of tune.
  2. Wow, and I thought Melbournians were passionate about AFL!
  3. :?

    I think I get this.

    Karaoke bars always make me want to shoot myself.

    In the interests of self-preservation, homicidal rage is the better alternative :grin:
  4. Although unpleasant, it does take guts for someone who can't sing to get up and do it in front of other people - maybe that guy was overcoming a phobia, or lost a bet, or was taking on a dare/physical challenge[?]

    We don't know. And neither did that bouncer.

    = NOT justifiable homicide.

    /loves karaoke.
    /also loves the Skip button on the remote, for when someone really sucks ;)
  5. Sorry mate -
    Despite the fact that I wouldn't have got past the first verse before someone let loose with serious artillery, my sympathies are still with the music critic on that one.

    spending seven years working with a horde of Japanese Sinatra wannabees rather puts you off karaoke for life)
  6. I lived in the Philipines for a while.

    When the TV stations cover a robbery or drug bust where someone was shot, they zoom in on the dead guys, and the cop usually stands over them with his gun posing for the cameras. No covering with sheets there.
    Is (was?) a much more brutal society, where human life carried a lower price than we are used to.

    Had a chat with the Manila police chief once, where he said they have no drug trafickers in jail, cos they all get shot resisting arrest.
  7. Post of the week, peter :rofl:.
  8. That news report is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

    I've seen some bands where the front man would be very glad that the venue didn't have that security gaurd as crowd control!!
  9. well, i'd sure as hell be fkd with my singing voice :LOL: :cool: :?

    i can't believe this generated such a serious response from you ktulu :shock: i think that's the second serious post i've seen from you in a week - what's going on buddy :?: :p