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Justice in the world

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Maybe, just maybe, I got a little justice tonight. Had just parked the bike in Manly, walked about 3 metres along the footpath to a corner and out of nowhere a bloke on a skateboard comes screaming around the corner heading straight for me. He didn't have time to manoeuvre and I didn't have time to jump. All I did was brace up. Our shoulders ended up clipping pretty hard which was fine for me as I was on two feet. But for this idiot, it sent him off balance and he ended up sprawled all over the footpath. He was only wearing a T-shirt so he lost a lot of skin.

    I just stopped and looked at him and he gets up as if he wants to fight so I stand my ground(I'm 95kg, 6ft and was wearing all the riding gear including armoured leather jacket). He then backs off and screams "YOU SUCK". So I shake my head, laugh, say "Serves you f%^&ing right dickhead. You should have been watching where you were going" and walk off.

    If he'd done the same to someone a little bit less rooted to the Earth he could have flattened them. This is Manly and there are a lot of seniors around - he could have broken someone's hip! Hopefully he'll learn something from it. Unfortunately this meant I couldn't stray far from the bikes in case he decided to push them over in retaliation once I was gone.

    I don't get satisfaction from other people's pain but the sympathy register was on a big fat ZERO!

  2. Serves the little punk right, imagine if you were moving faster (like cycling), could have hurt him alot more. Hopefully he learns a little something
  3. good to hear a story of you being manly in Manly :wink: good stuff - nice story :)
  4. Shame it wasn't the bloke on the pushbike you've been having problems with. :twisted:
  5. hehe thanks for sharing the story
    good for a laugh
  6. I had thought that. Karma? Is there some balance in my world now? :LOL:
  7. 10 bucks say you were on the CBR tonight !

    baaaad Greg !
    hahahahah !
  8. That would have been perfect! :LOL:

    I love the guy's comeback after gettin' knocked on his a**e; "You suck!" Priceless! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I think you taught him a lesson about squiding :LOL:
  10. gegvasco "YOU SUCK". :LOL:
    lets hope he does think a little more before he careens around teh next courner...
    But by the sounds of it... I doubt it.

    I'll have to say i am very impressed by the eloquence of his responce.
  11. ^* "Sorry mate, I didn't see you..."
  12. How did you know! And I had my bling jacket on as well! :LOL:
  13. greg, how much will you charge, say, to do this to somebody i am not entirely pleased with at the moment? it's just a little too far out of my way :twisted:
    i assure you it will be an easier hit! ;) :LOL:


  14. Hey, remember I'm in the RAAF so I can be there in about 30 minutes at Mach 1 and we offer a variety of bomb options - 500lb or 2000lb, dumb or laser guided, bunker-buster or anti-personnel. We have a special deal this month on 500lb laser-guided anti-personnel bombs, just the thing for sorting out that obnoxious neighbour with the cat that scratches up your car.