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Justice has been served :D

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Well,
    Seeing as it was a beautiful arvo i decided to test out my new action cam i got for my bike (the weather has been crap lately so i havent had a chance to try it out since i got it).

    As i am cruising along the beach i pass a police car that is parked on the side of the road. about 30m or so later, some absolute knob decided to pull out infront of me, forcing me to brake (it wasnt an e-brake but a decent brake none the less, i had a gut feeling he would do that). I beep the guy nodding my head for abit, try to pull up beside him to grease him off but he completely ignores me and it is obvious he was completely oblivious to what he just did, straight pulled out without looking.

    About 5 seconds later i see flashing lights in the distance behind me, and was thinking to myself, great now im getting pulled over for my damn exhaust (its pretty loud), only to realise that the cops pulled him over!!!
    It was the BEST FEELING EVER, seeing some stupid @SSHOLE get pulled over for almost taking out a rider. I must say that it has given me some hope for in our police force and i can only hope he got a damn good fine for it. If only we had more police officers like that the streets would be a safer place.

    Ride safe all,
  2. It's always good to hear, but does anyone ever pull over to thank the cops when they do this? (Although if I was worried about my exhaust I might not)

    Bit of positive reinforcement would go a long way, especially with the SMIDSY issue push.
  3. it's great seeing cops do more than enforce ridiculous speed limits
    i've seen a few myself lately
  4. Picture this - Central avenue, laverton, single lane from point cook road, then divided and two lane road slightly further up towards merton st.

    Dumb biatch in 4wd decides me doing the speed limit isnt fast enough and decides to tailgate me as close as possible. I says to myself i says i says "AHA! I done saw me a speed camera in this direction where it splits into two lanes just up ahead... lets play a game called who gets ****ed over" So i slow down to 55. She gets closer. We get to just before the lanes split and she backs up ready to overtake and go flying past. So i make out like im staying in the left. We are about to come up to the split, and she floors it moving slightly to the right. I then speed up to the limit and move right, and she goes belting past me at at least 90 horn blaring in the left hand lane.
    I wonder how angry she got when she got snapped and probably looked behind her to see a speed camera and the dude she just tried to rage doing the devil horns then the middle finger out his window.
  5. :eek:wned:
  6. The only benefit of concealed speed cameras!
  7. Should have stopped and told the officers what happened ludey.
  8. Cops doing their job for once, and not revenue raising
  9. This sounds like something from a mastercard advert...
    Priceless! :D
  10. Who is to say that was the reason the popo pulled them over. It might have been to protect them from the lunatic motorcycle rider.

    In no way am i assuming you are a lunatic or anything, but I hope they got done for bring dicks.
  11. This is my favourite game :p
  12. Good to see they are helping us out!

  13. They can't stop you both, so they probably got your rego, and will post a 'dangerous riding' fine in the mail to you, over the next few weeks.
  14. Cops have their moment. I remember being stuck on a road in my car (not in Australia), no emergency lane and a high curb that couldn't be mounted in a car. Oncoming traffic at virtually rush hour levels and a cop comes up behind me with lights flashing clearly wanted to get by to get to some emergency. I had about a km of road ahead with no opportunity to pull over and the cop stuck behind me who wasn't chasing me so I floored it up the road (60 zone) and in excess of 120km/h with the cop on my bumper. The moment it split into two lanes the I pulled over to the left and the cop went past and gave me a thumbs up and thanks as he did.

    Of course, if it happened in Australia he would have stopped me immediately, abandoning his search for the murderer (probably) he was chasing because this was clearly a much more serious offence, I would have lost my license for a year and had to put a public apology in the newspaper for my sins. My car would also have been taken from me for hoon driving and I would have been outed by ACA as the most dangerous person in Australia.
  15. And you would deserve it, ya fekking hoon!
    Lol :))
  16. I forgot to add I probably would have got jail time for the new law of trying to outrun a cop. They would have set up a roadblock with 12 cop cars, 3 helicopters and sent me the bill which I wouldn't have been able to pay because I was jailed for 10 years so my house would have been sold and my wife and child would be sitting on welfare where they got a free house and money every month costing the taxpayers a fortune.

    After spending my 10 years in jail, I would have emerged a hardened criminal having learnt a number of new trades, gone on a 20 year crime spree robbing old ladies and 4x4 drivers before ending my life in a massive shooting spree after road rage from a smidsy taxi driver resulted in me and 5 of my fellow bikie friends being knocked off our bikes, spilling our amphetamines all over the road.

    Sometimes I let my mind wonder...maybe its not a good thing.