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Just would like to tell everybody that...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Daylan78, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I AM MOVING TO MELBOURNE AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!! The Air Force has granted me a posting to Laverton, so THURSDAY NIGHT MR's HERE WE COME!!!!!

    Looking forward to finally meeting everyone! :p

    Party at Daylan's place, when she actually gets one!!!!!!!!!! :bannanabutt: :beer: :beer: :birthday: :driver: :smileysex: :music: :busting:

  2. does that mean we get mystery rides in an F18 :LOL:
  3. Thats fantastic! Wooohooo

    Paging Tankgirl, Tankgirl please report to this thread....

  4. Oooooo i am so excited i cnt even sleep for my nite shift tonite!! Yikes, i am having heart palpitations - just gotta say goodbye to my darling Slashie, but he will have a new mum/dad soon.

    THIS IS SO AWESOME, im barely containing myself! SO lookng forward to being "normal" again LOL!

    Firing up the F/A - 18 Hornet.... :LOL:
  5. ur sounding more excited than big Kev ever did :LOL: Yep fire up the F/A 18 and u'l be arriving in melb quicker than u think :grin:
  6. Wowie!!...TG will have a side-kick !!! :LOL:
  7. Of course you are all aware that the runway at Laverton is currently being turned into a housing estate so no FA-18 rides.

    Mind you there's a nice F1-11 hiding in a hanger at nearby Point Cook just down the road which they are trying to work out where to put on public display in the Museum down there, not to mention the F4 & other fun planes on display.
  8. the mess at lavo is fcuking awesome. thats the only good thing i have to say about lavo :p
  9. The F4 Phantom!! I remember looking at that as a kid at the museum, LOL! :LOL:

    Gosh there are some real nice places in Point Cook to live. So expensive too, LOLOL
  10. Make sure you join us on Monday night in willytown
  11. +1 :grin:
  12. Welcome to the worlds most livable city.
  13. Do my ears hear correctly. End of July!

    Baby's coming home. :applause:

    Nice one girl. Time to celebrate.
    You must be stoked with the posting. Good half way area.

    So, we need to organize a few get togethers.
    You'll have to do the coffee night rounds & monthly pub nights. :beer:


    Let me know if you need to store anything. We have plenty of room.
    Now I'm excited, too
  14. Wow, your going to be amazed, more then one set of traffic lights in a 300km stretch!! And no one sleeping on the road! and that stuff called Traffic will be here!!

    Nice work!!
  15. ... why the toilet smily?
  16. Cause my sweet, she is busting to get here.
  17. LOL, yes, i am literally busting! How can someone not bust when presented with the prospect of traffic lights, real coffee, human interaction of the non-military kind, and freely available Bollywood dvds!!???

    Heck, right now i am getting excited about actually being able to shop at a COLES supermarket instead of Woollies and NOT having to hold my breath coz of the stench!


    So excited!!!