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Just when you thought people were smarter ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by emsie, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I was at work the other day and noticed a new (not new as in showroom, but previously unknown) bike in the carpark at work. Spent a few days trying to see whose it was and finally saw a helmet under someone's desk. Looked around at the guy's desk for a jacket .. or boots .. or .. anything. Guy rides a trail bike with a MX looking helmet, some gloves that I swear look like gardening gloves and what looks like a polar fleece jacket with a shirt or tshirt underneath, and runners.

    I mean .. I mean .. *stutter and fumble* :shock:

    You'd like to think as a community that we'd be smarter than that, but it fascinates me that people have no respect or concern for their skin, nor their skin remaining wrapped around their bodies. This guy and the idiots that float around on scooters with shorts, tank tops and thongs in summer :? *shakes head* Idjits.
  2. I always do feel like cheering when I see a scooter rider in full protective gear. Hell, it's a rarity to see them wearing a full face helmet.

    But it is only fair (and unfortunate)to say that a fair percentage of motorcycle riders you see on the roads are going without even the minimum of protective gear.
  3. Yes, you see it all the time; check out Typhoon's sig about riders in Newcastle

    A guy rides Macquarie Pass every weekend in a CAR-racing Nomex suit, and car-racing gloves. The bike's brand new, and the suit must be expensive, but he hasn't made the connection between the different demands of a fire-suit for cars and an abrasion suit for bikes...

    Still, as I have been often reminded, you can't live peoples' lives for them.
  4. Agreed - I saw someone with shorts and a tshirt just the other day on a pretty big looking bike. Admittedly of late I've seen a whole lot of scooter riders of late absolutely geared up which is really cool. They're out there for both bikes and scooters, but I have to say I'm yet to see someone quite as naked as a scooter rider in summer ;)
  5. I would have no sympathy for those "heros" who feel it necessary to wear a singlet, jeans and sneakers if they were to come off. And scooter riders. Just because they ride a thing that looks like it wont go faster than walking speed doesnt mean it wont hurt when they crash.
  6. I know that I wouldn't remotely feel physically comfortable, let alone mentally comfortable wearing that sort of get-up.
  7. I've said it before and i'll say it again.

    Although i'm generaly against any sort of law or legislation about anything IMHO there should be minimum safty gear laws for riding a bike i.e.
    aproved helmet. well we've got that i guess (can you still get doctors exemption in NSW?)
    aproved boots.
    aproved gloves
    aproved pants
    aproved jacket
  8. I wear moderately safe gear.

    On the way to and home from work I have pretty tough work gear on, which is a "Can't Tear Em' brand and is heavy duty factory stuff.

    In summer though if I am only going for a short ride, under 10kms i spose, i wear whatever, but always wear full face lid and gloves, most of the time shoes. I just take it easy!

    Also what about the guys who ride bikes the most? (yes, the posties)...

    Half face helmet, sexy short shorts, no gloves i reckon!!!

    They are worse that skoota riders!
  9. I know what you mean. I was watching the tour de france on TV last night and they're only wearing nylon and lycra. They should be setting an example to the kiddies. Full face helmets, boots and full leather racing suits at a MINIMUM !!
  10. We've all seen it, but last Sunday was a nice day for a ride in Sydney, and I was out with a mate. We were passed by a guy with a sensational blonde on the back. We know she was sensational because she was wearing teeny weeny little shorts over looong legs. We didn't know whether to congratulate the rider or slap him. How you could let someone you care about climb on without the right gear is completely beyond me.
  11. I would slap the moron. If the girl's that gorgeous, he should try to protect her.

    My dad never let me on the back of his bike without a minimum of jeans, jacket, helmet, gloves and above-ankle shoes.

    I'll squid to the local shops, but even then I still tend to wear the Draggin' Jeans, boots and helmet at the least. I become very acutely aware of my body when I do.
  12. And I saw on the news that some (big names?) fell and sustained broken collarbones etc from their low/medium speed falls. Would be a different story I guess if they had some sort of protection.
  13. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly advocate the full protective gear if you are going to be moving at great speed, BUT, if I'm on a scooter that will only do 60kmh I can't say that I would be too concerned with the full protection myself, apart from an approved helmet because, well your head is your head. I ride a push bike at anything up to about 100kmh while wearing 1mm thick lycra and I have crashed it at about 65kmh. Sure there was a little gravel rash/bitumen pizza, but at that speed the stop is fairly quick and full leathers would have done little except avoid a little grazing at that speed. In 15yrs racing/training on the pushy I have crashed 3 times where I knocked myself out, but never more than few stitches and a little road rash as far as injuries go.

    If I were to get a 60kmh scooter, it would be whatever is comfy for me, with little regard for protection, as even some boardies would mean I have more protection than my cycling gear.

    At some point as a rider we must accept that there are certain risks associated with our choice of transport/recreation. Too many people get caught up in thinking that by wearing leathers they are indestructable I reckon.

    Not really. Those collarbone fractures are caused by putting your hand out to break your fall and the resulting force being taken by the collarbone. No amount of Dainese gear would have prevented it. You try and balance your bike and just fall off at 0kmh and break your fall with your hand out(natural reaction) and your collarbone will be in the same state.
  14. Good gear won't stop broken bones - except for your feet...

    I've still got a titanium plate in my arm from a sub 40kph crash - my Tiger Angel jacket and Draggin' jeans and boots all worked well but I landed the wrong way and smashed an arm up. The only abrasions I got were on my left hand where the glove got pulled off.

    As for making it compulsory - definitely not. We're over regulated now. Helmets do save lives - all that good riding gear does is save you a lot of pain and I figure that if you come off in shorts and tshirt it's a good object lesson.

  15. Ha!

    NemoHac (my partner) came off his bike a few months back. He'd broken his left foot on some slippery stairs before I knew him (~4 years ago or so) and when he came off, he broke the other one.

    Broken feet aren't so bad, you can still walk, but running is out of the question.
  16. lately i have been seing an increasing numer of scooters with FULL protective gear.. at least 6 in the lat 2 weeks :)

    have also seen the boy-racer types in shorts sneakers and t shirts.....

    you really have to wonder at these people... do they really believe that they will not fall of???

    the latest MT magazine had a small coloumn on scooters and safety gear. and proposed 3 reasons as to why safey gear is not worn.
    1> It is impossible to fall of a scooter
    2> You can fall off a scooter but it is impossible to hurt yourself
    3> You can fall off, you can hurt yourself, but this fact has never been brought to the riders attention nor have ther ever though about the consequences of having no skin/fingers/jaw etc.

    i choose option 3.

    The worst i saw was a delivery rider on a scooter.

    stappy sandals, mini skirt, tank top, and open face lid. No gloves.......but........(and this is scary)......she was crossing Chapel St at peak hour.......while texting on her phone!!!!! :shock: :shock: :?
  17. What??? They didn't die ???? I don't believe it !!!

    What sort of riding gear do you think will protect someone from a broken collarbone ?
  18. :shock: :shock:
    What on the planet was she thinking???

    I have to agree that it must be #3, though I'm darned if I know why they don't think of these things.

    As to the riders, they're the kind of people I hope will come off so they learn the lesson.
  19. I'm not a doctor but all the professionals i have spoken to advise that broken skin and broken bones are significantly harder to heal (and protect from infection) than just broken bones. with regard to the scooter defence of their slower speed, there are stats that show that heavy denim lasts 3 feet at a drop at 60kmh. Unfortunately we are all judged and ruled by stats that at times are only created by a few clodheads.
  20. Whilst it is unfourtunate the riders on Le Tour don't wear full racing leathers on a 240 km 7 hour stage there-fore setting a terrible example of road safety for our childern, the greatest crime to humanity has to the condoning of the bright pink lycra of the T-Mobile team.


    They have tonnes of broken bones every year on the Tour. It's part and parcel of there chosen profession. Lost acres of skin, lacerations, concussions and internal bleeding. Most will still ride with these injuries.

    A big shout out goes to Robbie McKewen (spelling?) who won his second stage already. Big chance for the green jersey. :applause: