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Just when you thought people could not sink any lower ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Someone explain to me how this disgusting "theft" is different to the police fining someone for neg driving after they come off a bike due to gravel or an animal on the road.
  2. You're just here for shits n giggles right ?
  3. Not at all. I agree with him 100%.

    It's not bad enough that you crash, you get a fcuken cop standing at the end of your ICU bed, pen in hand filling out a TIN.

  4. Heard an account, 20 years ago in the UK, of a bloke who went off the road into some trees on a TZR250 and someone nicked his battery and tax disc (rego label equivalent) while he was lying unconcious under the bike. Unverified story but, given the inherent criminality of the population in parts of the UK, I have no difficulty in believing it.
  5. Haha... that's a pretty strong statement. Which parts of the population, in which parts?

    They obviously need to start sending them over here again.

    :grin: :p :grin:
  6. yo ktulu, when does this happen?
    got a linky?
    never heard of it happening :?
    pretty shit if it does though.
    cops dont fine the other party when ur in a prang half the time, yet theyre happy fining a single party accident? :roll:
  7. In NSW if you have a single vehicle accident you will be charged with negligent driving - no matter what. Somewhere here there's a thread where the OP was charged after hitting a kangaroo.
  8. totally agree

    egiste & i came across a dude who'd just crashed & totally written off his brand new bike & broken his leg in 3 places... cop 1 says to cop 2 "we should do him for neg"
    i almost exploded.
  9. Vic have a policy not to fine when in single vehicle accidents under those circumstances. In any case there was no TIN (on the spotter) for Careless until a few months ago.
  10. I had the misfortune to live in Bristol for 8 years. Casual criminality is the city's main industry. Opportunist theft mostly, but with a large side order of serious and/or sexual assault.

    Good industrial museums though.

    But the upside is that I piss myself laughing every time I hear about crime waves here in Perth :p .
  11. Whoa! That's messed up! You'd be left too pissed off to have time to feel sorry for yourself.
  12. Dude, happens all the time. That's why I was fkn praying that the guy who's tree I'd ran into when I was 17 didn't call the cops, cause I knew it was an instant neg driving fine. What sh!ts me is the cases I hear of where some fkn idiot doesn't get the fine when they clearly deserved it, as opposed to the situation like Ktulu pointed out. Its a massive unncessary kick in the balls, especially when your smashed up bike/car is lesson enough!
  13. I remember having an rather long argument with my insurance company when I hit an animal and put down 'party at fault' as "The Kangaroo that failed to give way"... I'm glad I didn't have to argue the same case with the police though!