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Just when you thought Eric Buell...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MSCRacing, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. ... Couldn't become even more detached from normality...

    http://www.buell.com/en_us/bikes/blast/ :shock:

    I can't help but feel sorry for the owners of those bikes.

    Sorry! It was shit so we crushed it! :roll:
  2. in all fairness, he's right... it was shit
  3. Rubbish!

    That was a masterpiece of viral publicity advertising.

    If anyone else had stopped making a bike due to poor sales (and that's the REAL reason) then they get nothing out of it or worse a hit to their image.

    Buell have managed to turn a perceived negative into a perceived positive in one crushing swoop :idea:

    As for the owners of the existing bikes?

    I doubt it will effect their resale any more than a more conventional end to a model run.

    Or do you mean... "orr poor liddle diddums... your feelings is hurt... you big tough bikie you"
  4. Ummm... Not really mate no. :?:

    I just can't recall ANY manufacturer on the planet EVER publicly ridiculing THEIR OWN PRODUCT in such a way before.

    Will they crush the Lightning because they melt the rear piston at redline? Or the Cyclone for vibrating so hard the exhaust and intake systems break off? Or the Rotax powered one because they transfer their oil out to atmosphere at high temps?
  5. 1. He did NOT ridicule it, what he did was 'damn it with faint praise'.

    2. By damning it with faint praise he made sure to make clear that it was 'a nice bike' which means that it was NOT a bad bike (which covers his arse).

    3. He managed to strongly state that Buell make only sports bikes now and implied clearly that they were innovative and full of character.

    4. By creating a situation where some people (like you) won't look past the surface images he'll foster debate and discussion and he'll benefit from all the free publicity.

    You need to read between the lines...
  6. I wouldn't go that far. It was a publicity stunt and most people will see that. Many will be cynical about the other products as a result.

    Something like "if he has to resort to stunts like that, how bad must the bikes be?"
  7. Good on them, they are trying to be different, to differentiate themselves from other bike manufacturers, and we are actually hearing from the guy with his name on the bike......love them or hate them, the bike world would be alot more dull if all we had were the jap 4 (honda, yamaha, suzuki and kawasaki) :)

    I'm not sure if this ad really hits the mark, but he does get the chance to give you the spiel about buells and their philosophy, i think that is the point.

    The blast, on paper, does look like a reasonable proposition for its intended audience,, unfortunately in the real world it was reputatedly, poorly built, underpowered for it's capacity (even by modest "beginner bike" standards) and unreliable. it was buell's "cbf250"....minus rock solid reliability and construction.

    Maybe this is saying buell is selling enough bikes to not need the rider education market any more?....(or the rider education market over there is now buying cbf250s :LOL: )
  8. Viral advertising is primarily what used to be called publicity stunts :)
  9. I can see how this could undermine consumer confidence in the brand itself. Certainly to some degree at least and particularly coming from the horses mouth as it were. It's at the very least an unusual "marketing strategy".
  10. Not really. Viral marketing is all about stealth, getting people talking about your product without actually knowing that' what they're doing, whereas this is a video on the company website. It makes use of new technology and the video can be easily linked to via the social networking tools such as FB, but that's about it.

    I thought it was a great promotion to explain why they're dropping a model that doesn't sell whilst pitching their brand firmly into the sportsbike market.
  11. he's a funny bugger. initiative marketing.
  12. Mother Energy drink.
  13. took em long enough to realise their original product tasted like absolute shit!
    im positive they never involved taste tests in the R&D dept. :LOL:
  14. Masterfoods even has human tasters for the pet food lines, not to mention the factories live in taste testers of the furry kind.
  15. A co-worker from a dairy lab position once got a job at MF (aka Uncle Ben's) in Wodonga, working in the area of "Digestability Trials", which amounted to picking up cat pikelets and testing them to see how different recipes were working out. About 10-15 years ago you would go into one of their big office areas and there'd be a few resident cats sitting on the office desks.

    If the Buell Blast had been in production back then I'm sure she would have thought it an apt euphemism for one of the many occupational hazards of the job.

    I wonder how the emerging U.K. company, Mac Motorcycles, feels about this, since they're supposed to be using the same engine as the Blast.
  16. I reckon its a hilarious stunt, good on Mr Buell for having a shot at his own product. Looks like he really is planted in the sports category now.

    - boingk

  17. Yeh I worked for a marketing company when Mother first appeared and brought it out, we hammered them in regards to taste..
    Was like drinking dry ginger with Gurana and Ginseng crushed in it..In all the surveys it was such a low percentage of people who enjoyed it,

    But they still bought it out...As Im sure Buel did, the bike was never seen as anything good, yet they still released it on the off chance it may be accepted into some riding comunities...wrong!
  18. When I first read the little blurb I kinda went :? WTF? someone taking the piss here??

    But if you watch and listen to the vid, it makes perfect sense. He comments about how it's a great bike for what it was designed for...

    BUT that isn't the design brief for Buell.

    The model run has comes to an end regardless. What better way to do that than by using it to make a hard push to the public about your company's goals and direction, than by crushing it?

    It's a good building block for the company's marketing to work with I think.... :roll:
  19. I actually think the whole stunt is an excellent idea, and will work really well. For example, us talking about it!

    From a marketing perspective it is designed to re-enforce peoples beliefs that Buell are tough big loud sports bikes, and to get in with the haters who obviously already own Buell's and didn’t like them heading the direction that bike put them in a comunity sense, nothing beats a 'if you can't beat em, join em' marketing approach.
  20. Er... where's the bit where he bagged out the bike?