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Just when you think you've got all the gear...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. [...]

    A former professional motocross rider died earlier this week in what authorities are calling a fluke accident on a central New York dirt bike trail.

    State police in Madison County say 27-year-old Orrin Gott of Cazenovia was riding his motorcycle on a trail in the town of Nelson on Wednesday night when he jumped some berms and struck his throat on the handlebars. Troopers say Gott then collapsed and never regained consciousness. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    Police say the cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest brought on by trachea trauma. Emergency officials say Gott was wearing a helmet and other safety gear, but his throat was exposed. Relatives say Gott had been riding dirt bikes since he was a young boy and raced professionally for a time. (Associated Press)
  2. Mmm, don't professional assassins get taught that you can kill a man with a similar type of blow across the adam's apple?

    (don't ask me, I'm not a professional assassin, but I've read a lot of books)
  3. I can see it now - a law stating that all motorcycles to be equipped with handlebar mounted airbags by 2010 to reduce the risk of throat injuries.
  4. yep.. solid punch to the throat will stop almost anyone from trying to hurt you...

    it hurts too.

    Dan, what are berms? must have landed hard to hit throat on the bars....

    poor guy
  5. berms are what Inspector Clouseau always used to have blow up in this rhume!
  6. dan will probably answer this , but a berm is the built-up ridge of dirt on the outside of a corner on a motocross track. It is there to stop the riders from going off the track and also serves another purpose too. Riders aim to ride partly up on it on the exit to a corner and use it to slingshot themselves down the straight.
  7. Fire related injuries caused when getting a perm. :?:
  8. oooo - I botched a landling when on a snow-mobile once and nearly decapitated myself on the screen. God it hurt. I don't have an Adam's apple; I imagine it would have hurt even more.

    The bruise line across my throat got some interesting reactions.
  9. This is a BERM

    and this is a BERM BEING USED

    and this is how to MAKE A BERM
  10. Unfortunate way to go. Up there with the death of Pete McKinley - a Yamaha racer in the 70's. McKinley died during practice for the 1977 IOM TT when he swallowed his own false teeth and choked to death at 130mph.
  11. And their right , it's just a freak thing .
  12. If you turn a berm into a jump depending on the angle, you are looking at the potential of serious air...
  13. And that's pretty much why I ride Cruisers - the only danger in that is forgetting to put the stand down and having the monster fall on you - if you'd ever hit dirt with one of those you'd get off and push it through !
  14. True.... but still, bad luck to the guy. I've seen one or two MotoX accidents, but that's seriously gotta be a bad one.
  15. very unlucky way to go...but how many of you have lost friends in the dirt or on the road?

    in my case the bitumen always wins...not forgetting roadside signs in the middle of bends and car's with no breaklights
  16. Or idiots that fail to see you at night-time at roundabouts. I swear, this lady was DUMB. My lights were on and everything. It was raining, so I wasn't going fast. I'm just lucky I could balance with the brakes on in the wet. She's just lucky I didn't follow her home.
  17. Example of some serious damage ? 2 Sportsbike Riders near Malaney were ripping around corners rather fast and wide when they came up on a car waiting to turn. These guys went even wider to avoid the car and slammed into the tailenders of a group of ulysses riders coming the other way....The tally ? Severe injuries to some of the older riders from the Ulysses with at least one person not being able to ride again......so who says its only cars that cause accidents to bike riders.....