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just when we are trying to fight off front numberplates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23481036-2862,00.html

    now sure, i think we can argue that if the rider had a front plate the injuries would be alot worse for the lady, but it will be argued that if the bike had a front plate it would have been easily identified.

  2. Bullshit. When bikes speed away from accidents, they do it with their back plates visible to the victim and onlookers.
  3. I would say that it could be argued that if there had have been a front number plate further injuries were highly likely. And there is a remotely greater chance that the bike could have been identified.
    Lets face it, if no one got the rear plate of the bike as it left, the chances of them having got the front are exceedingly small. Especially seeing it was late light would have been poor and to see the front plate you would be looking straight at the headlight which would make it very hard to make out any real information from the front.
    I think this is a better argument against front plates than for them. That being said, Passing a tram with passengers getting off, hitting a pedestrian and running. Get him in front of a court and watch the F#$ker squirm.

  4. Any excuse will do..

    I remember the good ol' days when we motorcyclists were dead set against Compulsory Lights On, i still haven't heard a reasonable point on why that was a bad idea, sounded like a good idea to me :oops: Anyway, i went on all the protest rides to newcastle and canberra etc,just for the day out mind you.

    So when do the big protests begin, i'll come along for the ride.
  5. Front plate or not.
    This sounds like someone unlicensed and who wouldnt give a sh!t anyway.
    Not good for our image is it?
  6. I say we hunt the b@stard down and drop him off at Spring street trussed up like a christmas turkey! :evil:

    (But I can't actually see how a sticker on the front screen of the bike would have increased her injuries...)
  7. +1
    And if he was hooning he/she probably didn't have any plates on at all. As have been seen many times before.
  8. You obviously don't get stuck in a traffic jam on Pitt St too often :grin: Here's a link for you:


    On the subject: I can't see how a hit and run translates into the discussion of front number plates. A woman got hurt in an accident and all you folks think about is how to avoid a sticker on your windscreen...
  9. Jeez that really narrowed it down :LOL:

    Sucks that he ran... needs more road awareness.

    I once saw a guy on Fitzroy street get hit by a tram, picked himself up and pissbolted off :p
  10. Actually the subject is about number plates, it's in the title.
    The woman should consider herself lucky she wasn't hit by a car :wink: would have been worse than getting hit by a numberplate.
  11. If it was just a sticker then it wouldn't make any difference - if it had one of the proposed brackets then it could have caused worse injuries.
  12. dark colored clothes
    no front plate

    It sounds like street hawk
  13. i posted this to discuss the front numberplate issue. we all know what should happen to the rider when he/she is caught, and i didnt think i needed to state that it was an embarrassment to us and will do harm to our reputation on a whole. saying that, its funny how if a car is involved in a hit and run, the driver is a waste of oxygen, but if its a rider, anyone on a motorcycle is fastracked to hell.

    stickers are part of the numberplate dicsussion, but you cant put a sticker on a naked, so there are proposed brackets also involved in the discussion, and these are the ones i was thinking about when i started the thread. i dont think dicktoads will use this in an argument against their own idea, but will use it to try and further their own argument.
  14. I used to think being hit by a car wasn't a big thing until a workmate was bowled over getting off a High St tram in Northcote and to say it stuffed his life and severly effected his young family is an understatement.

    Car, bike it's all the same and my thoughts are with the injured person.
  15. If we had front number plates the imprint of the rego number might be still on her leg and this guy would be off the streets.

    (yes, I'm disgusted with myself)
  16. Oooh I don't know, if he had a front number plate then maybe he'd have sliced her leg off and would be as easy to find as looking for a bike with a woman's leg caught between the forks? :LOL:
  17. At least you're coming to hell with me :p

  18. my bike dark, and i hav rider x jacket which is dark.. my shoei xr1000 diabolic revelation is dark.. and my bike can posibly even be a honda... OMG .. OMG im fudged.
  19. If she isn't hot I don't care :grin:

    What on earth does this have to do with front number plates...honestly. Clearly this is an example of why stupid trams should be removed. Only a bunch of lazy fat arses use them anyway... What Mexicans don't have legs to walk a couple of blocks like every one else in the world? Too good for buses? What is it? I demand to know!

    While we are at it lets ban the words "front number plate" from net rider... mods... from now on we will refer to them as "that of which we dare not speak" then they can fade in to oblivion once and for all. Next up blind pedestrians... :twisted:
  20. Bonkers & Bluesuede >>