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just when i thought it was all over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cosi, May 17, 2005.

  1. now vicroads sent me a letter saying i cant have any more than 1 passenger in the car while driving for a year cos i had my license suspended in the first 12 months!

    how do they justify that !?

    /cry :(

  2. Easily.

    As somebody who managed to lose their license in the first twelve months, you're suddenly a bigger liability on the roads. They're trying to reduce who that liability impacts.

    Can't say I agree with it, though. Speaking as somebody who also lost their license within the first twelve months and hasn't had a single issue in the car since.
  3. yeah i had the same condition applied to my licence, bloody idiotic.

    it doesn't even take your circumstances into account, i only had one passenger in the car with me at the time, and distraction or increased risk-taking by myself as a result of having a passenger was never an issue in the incident. all the crash achieved was increasting my awareness of driving when fatigued at 4am. everyone can make a mistake on the road, throwing the book at them with a condition like that is a joke. (i only lost my licence for 1 week, but because of that the condition was mandatory) :evil:

    i never bothered following the condition anyway, and it expired some time ago. anyway lesson learnt, if i ever have a crash again i'll be calling a tow truck, not the fire brigade to assess the vehicle to make sure it's not a fire hazard, because they also dispatch ambulances and the police :evil: :p

    /end rant
  4. yeah buuuuuuut.........

    i only have one point left so im not gonna speed anymore..
    it was on a country road anyway.. just me in the car.
    i dont understand how they justify one passenger to 4.. and one to none, it cant be a lesson learnt because after 12 months this wont occur again because i will be off my '12 month probation probation period'


    my suspension ended a few days ago.. and i was like yyyeah.. and then i get this :(

    now i have to make time to go to vicroads to get a new homo license and carry this letter around.. luckily i dont drive a car much anymore..
  5. end rant
  6. don't warry... tell all your mates you can't have a pillion till you get off the bike restrictions and never drive a car when they are around...
  7. It's a pretty sad sorry state of affairs that PrickToads need to act with this type of deperate measure in order to get the young folks of today to realise that what they are sitting in is a 1.5tonne leathal weapon.

    Sorry, no sympathy from me. You are a probationary driver and that means this, "here, here's a licence, lets see how you go, stay clean and in 3 years you can graduate to a full licence, if of course you havent killed anyone/anything in that period". Seems fair enough to me....

    I used to do security patrols at night, I'v epent years driving around for a living, I have been amazed at the acts of stupidity that I have witnessed whilst on the roads.

    Oh, please, don't get me wrong, I wish, at your age, I had heaps of mates telling me the exact same thing.
    Sure I was stupid, I sped, I lost my licence, I've crashed.

    I have learnt a hell of a lot in the 18 years that i've been driving.

    Take it as a lesson learnt and use it to become a better/smarter/SAFER driver.

    Stay Safe
  8. my opinion is that the lesson is learnt in the crashing, you realise many things depending on your attitude, perhaps you learn you're not schumacher, or that drink-driving is idiotic, or that peer pressure got the best of you, or just because you have 18 inch crome alloys and low profile tyres *ful sik* they won't help keep you on track if you really screw up. or perhaps you'll have to live with having killed an innocent person.

    yes you should be punished, loss of licence and fine make sense, but a passenger restriction? :shock: as a result of the accident you're either going to of become a better driver for the experience for the long-term or not, a passenger restriction punishes those who have 'done the time and paid the fine' and are genuinely sorry, but it fails to change the attitude of the person who still doesn't care about their unsafe/negligent actions.

    ...can you tell i'm avoiding an essay i can't be stuffed doing :p
  9. See, that's the thing. I reckon it's less a punishment and more of a braindead way to reduce the number of people a previously-disciplined driver is putting at "risk".

    Doesn't make that much sense as an actual punishment.
  10. Bingo! Harm minimisation at VicRoad's best.
  11. you ride a bike so it isnt a issue :LOL:

    you stuffed up , take it on the chin.
    you did the crime , do the time.

    i am suprising going to say i have to agrree with the big bald fella on this call :)
  12. The passenger restrictions are designed not only to minimize harm but to also make it as boring as batshit for you in the car that it should make you think twice about about your driving habits.

    It has been proven that a cash penalty does little as a deterrent.

    Victoria had a demerit point system and then it was scrapped. It was only recently reintroduced.
    The fines alone were just not enough of a deterrent.
  13. I hate it when someone beats me to it :evil: :p
  14. Easy. Buy a ute. They only have one passebger seat. 8)
  15. true.. just may be frustrating when i have to drive drunk people home.

    i thought i had 'done the time' for 'the crime' already just like a kick in the guts again after i thought they had raped me enough.. cop didnt tell me any of this didnt even tell me i had to hand my license in.

    i got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time dont throw the book at me all you older wiser kids out there, because i know i fcuked up.

  16. i'm not long off my p's and i have to say over the last few years of 'legal' driving (used to live in the sticks, been driving on the road since i was 12) i'd have to go 100% with pricktoads call.

    when i was a younger whipper snapper and had a car full of mates i can honestly say yes it did change my mindset while driving, and not for the better. while it is stereo typing i havent yet been in a car with another p plater and a few other people where it hasnt had an effect on the driver, be it peer pressure, concentration, the thought that they can be a f1 driver on the roads blah blah blah... but hey you may be the exception, anythings possible.

    sure if i was still on my p's and i got that letter i would probably roll it up and smoke it with a few mates while in the car and scream bloody murder.

    i do agree with vic as i used to do security patrols as well and still work on the odd occasion in the clubs and some of the dumb things i have seen being done by p platers these days just floors me

    all that said i'm probably on the verg of ranting and you may have been victimised but something needs to be done about what probably is a small minority of p platers. just like the small minority of stupid bikers that seem to be floating around.
  17. Nah, dude,

    You got caught for speeding whilst on a probationary licence simple.

    No book being thrown at ya, just some facts that may keep you or others alive a little longer. Dying on the roads is a horrible way to go. What is fun and enjoyable one minute wrecks families the next.
  18. No such thing as being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Learn the lesson, don't speed, don't hoon. I can't abide by the I'm young and stupid defence. I was young once but I have never intentionally exceeded the speed limit, I have never had a speeding fine, in fact, I don't think I've ever gone more that 5km above the limit. I've never even had so much as a parking fine. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm the world's best driver/rider, far from it, I just don't intentionally break the law and I am perhaps a square/nerd. The biggest thing is that for me the fine is a deterrant , with 3 kids I can't afford to give away $105...:LOL:

    Biggest problem is the same thing as always. VicRoads and all the learner driver/rider test providers don't really teach you to drive/ride they teach you to pass a test and then you have to go out and learn to drive/ride. There is still not nearly enough emphasis on roadcraft and how to drive defensively.
    Lets face it, look at the learner permit course. I'd never really ridden a bike until the time I did the course. The course is all slow speed, first and second gear stuff. I went out on the road and hadn't ever got a bike past 35kmph. You don't learn about obstacle avoidance stuff until the licence test and then most people say the the licence test is easier than the learner permit test.

    I had an off the other day, yes someone dropped a crate off in front of me, but the fact is I didn't have the necessary skills to avoid going down. Sure I know the theory of countersteering and put it into practice and avoided the crate but wet roads, travelling too close whatever, the fact is I contributed to the accident by riding outside my capabilities and without the full toolbox of skills I need to be on the road.

    I've heard a number of people in the media lately talk about educating the driver/rider. It's not so much education but educating driver/rider attitude.
    It's people's attitude to driving that must be changed. The number of people I know that think nothing of i) deliberately speeding, ii) hooning, iii) driving home from the pub when perhaps they shouldn't, iv) driving while tired, v) driving while licence is suspended, vi) driving while stoned (and until recently, now that random drug testing has been implemented, some of the guys I know used to do this rather than get drunk as they new they could drive home without being detected that they were not fit to drive the vehicle).

    It's the same as always. Everyone is treating the symptom rather than the cause. There was a item on ACA last night regarding 4WDs and the fact that perhaps they shouldn't be on the road and that perhaps if they are, you should have a special licence to drive them (perhaps a fair point, as I have to get a licence to ride motorbike and truckies have to get one to drive their rigs, even the light rigid ones. You also have to get one for boats and PWCs, so perhaps why shouldn't you have to get one to drive a 'bulky' vehicle). The reason quoted was that too many people are benig injured/killed when involved in accidents with vehicles of thie type. This however is not the cause, this is the symptom. The major cause is that most (not all mind you) don't have the skills to be able to handle these vehicles. Ever seen some people try to go into or out of a carparking space in one of these (mind you they couldn't do it in a normal size car either though).

    End of sermon.
  19. i posted it just to get it off my chest and i dont understnad how they let me drive with one passenger and not 2.. when i was caught with no pssengers. i shouoldnt be allowed to drive with any passengers ??

    i neveer speed anymore because i cant afford to lose my license.

    ignore the shit about wrong place at th e wrong time thing i fcuked up because im a young hoon blah blah blah.

    picture me as you like.

    end rant someone delete this beefore more people jump on the train toot toot