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Just when I thought I was in love.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, May 12, 2011.

  1. The relationship is good. Most people say she is gorgeous. I think so as well. She does anything I ask of her, anything, any time. She is just so nice. So bloody nice and perfect. Maybe too nice.

    And then the old love calls.
    She wasn't really that good at anything. And certainly only attractive to a certain few. Half the time she didn't do what I wanted. Or thought she could. And she was expensive to have around. But when she was on song, she just excited me like no other. I forgot all her faults and just loved her for who she was.

    Damm it I just put twelve months rego my girl, fully serviced and put new tires on her. Plus had her ECU sent to Spain to be rewritten and new keys coded. Don't lose your keys lol.
    I never wanted my 07 VFR. Just helped a mate out who needed some cash to go traveling. But after a few rides I really started to like her and thought maybe just maybe I would keep her. It really is a nice bike to ride. Exciting... ah no. Just so nice.
    Then a mate who I have hassled for years to sell me his ST4s rings and tells me he is selling her. It's in mint condition and at a good price. Very few k's on her. He is a Ducati mechanic as well as a pedantic prick and I know the bike well.
    I had one new in 01 and it was a real love hate relationship. There not a sports bike, nor a good tourer. Probably a better sports bike than the Viffer but no where near the tourer. But I always have regretted selling mine.
    Like me the ST4s is an old school bike. No bells or whistles or beg your pardons for anything. To me just a good raw, pure motorcycle. Even now my little heart is pattering. I want it bad. But I know what they're like. I know maybe 75% of the time I would rather be on the Viffer. But that other 25% of the time.....
    I already have a 998 in the shed. God my head is spinning lol.
    I just don't know what to do. I have told him to put it on the open market. I will need a month to really make my mind up on this. I think I will have to leave it in fetes hands.
    Anyone want an 07 Viffer Tri colour in immaculate condition with 5,000 k's on it. Maybe. And no I cant have both. Bloody motorcycles.
  2. You need a mistress for 25% of the time it seems...
  3. Bloody motorcycles indeed! See what fate brings you!

    Awesome write up, I was thinking "wow, you want the ugly chick back?" bwahahaha :p
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  5. wow that viffer was making a lot of noise and yet going no where fast :)
  6. haha.. as you know, its tricky changing direction with your front wheel skipping about the place.. :p
  7. Nice vid Whitie.
    Yes the Viff can do all the above, and do it well. Probably better at most things to the Duc. I know it's more comfy and a lot less tiring to ride than the Duc. More reliable too.
    To be honest I bought it back in Nov last year. And I have only been on two decent rides on it. Otherwise it's just had a couple of fifty K splats up the coast road or over the range.
    I have other bikes and ride everyday for a living. So usually on the weekend it takes a fair bit for me to get off my lazy ass and go for a ride. That and I lost the keys to it two months ago when I moved into a new house and had to send the ECU away.
    To get the VFR where I would like it would cost about two grand. New rear shock, pipes and PC5 and respring and shim the front end.
    The Duc is already there. Pipes, Ohlins rear and gold valves so forth in the front end. Its an 02 but only has 12 thousand K's on it and he just did the 24M k service, new belts so forth.
    Either way I go I will at one time regret it ha ha. I ahve a 998's and should just put all the ADR stuff back on it and rego it for when I feel like that 25% of the time ride and keep the Viffer for the other 75% of my riding.
    Probably just bored and want a new toy.
  8. Try a late model Moto Guzzi Griso or 1200 Sport for a more touring bias (or the similar but cheaper Breva).
  9. I think that the st4 is too similar to your 998 so I think that you will be dispaointed unless you are planning to let that go as well.

    Two bikes that are the same couldn't work, would be like having a blonde wife and blonde mistress.
  10. Bretto ol' bud. Look at the percentages mate, which bike best covers what you tend to do on yr bike. Unless the viffer just leaves you cold, if it's the best choice for the large majority of yr riding, then it's bike you need.

    As for the bike you actually WANT?...and since our purchases are usually emotion based, you should be careful with your choice.
    The grass is always greener, so ask your mate for a ride of the Duc. You may be surprised, one way or the other.

    Don't envy you, mate. I've been lucky... My last 4 bikes, were what i wanted without exception, and none disappointed me. Woot! :)
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  12. Motorcycles are not wives.
    Have them both. That's the only recipe, it's anyway cheaper than a girlfriend =D>