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Just went shopping :)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bex84, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys went in to MCAS in sydney to deck myself out in some riding gear today. The staff there are really helpfull and me being a total bike noob this was great. I ended up buying a fair amount of stuff, all the basics that i need at the moment....

    Here is what i walked out with:

    *Rjays Octane Jacket, Black/Camo
    *Rjays Terrain Boots, Black
    *Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves, Black
    *Hornee Jeans, Jungle/Camo (Green)
    *Shoei XR1000 Picotte Helmet, Blue

    Got all this for $1300 after a discount, they also threw in a dark smoke tinted visor for free!

    Also tried on a Shift Octane leather jacket while i was there which was so comfortable, they are asking $600 for it, i have the money but am considering ordering it from the states as it is a bit cheaper and i also want to get a pair of Shift Torque Street Jeans from the US which i preffer more than the draggins. Don't know if i can be bothered with ordering from overseas though i might go back in next week and get the jacket...
    Also do any of you guys know where i can get those Shift Torque jeans in Aus?? I cant seem to find them

    Now i just need a bike :LOL:
  2. Blue helmet with green camo pants? Umm...
  3. ive got a pair of the shift lodown jeans(apparently there isnt much difference between them and the torque in terms of protection)
    the nwm in newcastle stocks them and as an impulse addon with some other stuff i paid 130...
    from the states they come in under 100..
    only issue would be sizing as im a 36 in most jeans, including icon anthems(also on order from the states...115 bucks v's the 180 the place locally wanted)....but in the shift's im a 34....
    something to consider if you are going to order some
  4. I couldnt care less at the moment if all my gear is colour co-ordinated it's not like this is the only gear im going to have! I'm going to be buying a bit more in the next month or 2, another Jacket and 2 pairs of pants so i can mix and match....
  5. Yeah thats what i was worried about. In most pants im a 34 but the Hornee's i was a 32 and later on yesterday i also bought some denim shorts and i was a 36!!!! So i guess it depends on the manufacturer and probably better to try and buy here instead of just ordering from the states