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Just went out for a spin.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Breno, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Sitting at work, watching the printers do there thing, browsing the net rider forums, and in a smaller window watching the Judgement day CD. everything seems to be going nice here so i thought, heh, im the only one here, no one will know if i nick out for a ride? so off i went.

    got my gear on, went outside had a smoke while i allowed the bike to warm up. Got on the bike, did a little tire warm up and headed towards Bay street. I work on Cook St oppisite the KFC after the Westgate bridge.

    Got into Bay street, pretty dead as i thought it would be so decided to head into the CBD. Now i havent had much CBD experience if any at all, probably the reason why i was lost for 20mins on the 30minute ride.

    Everything was going fine and dandy, i was enjoying myself, even though i had no idea were i was and got stuck at a few dead ends.

    Then i realised i couldnt turn right or left any were wihtout doing a hookturn, and i have never done a hook turn before. so i pulled to the left, as you do, and some mini van pulls up behind me, i wait for the car coming to pass then start to head out only to realise the minivan decided it did not want to do a hook turn it now wanted to go straight. i noticed ts random decsion just intime to apply my brakes as it buzzed past me. spooked me quite a bit as i was on unfamiliar roads doing an unfamiliar traffic manouvere. none the less i escaped unscaved and contiunued to look for my way out. finnaly made it back to work after what seemed like an eternity riding around and decided the works drive way is a good place to practice some riding skills.

    so i practiced a few emergency stops from various speeds, dd a few tiny wheelies (quite fun) was just trying to see t what point the bike would lift up at. and then did a tiny wheel spin at the roller door entrance to my work just for fun.

    so all and all was a good little trip, one close call, nothing major and a bit of fun at the end. and the best part was i was still clocking up over time while out cruising :D
  2. bottom line, you enjoyed yourself..

    nice bike
  3. rides with no destination are the best. which bay st, not port melbourne by any chance?
  4. yeah port melbourne bay street. i had no destination as i had no idea were i was once i got into the CBD haha.

    just trying to clock up some K's and get some more experience on the bike other than just the familiar Home-Work route.
  5. Don't do it too often, if you want to keep that job anyway.

    You never know who is watching. :wink:
  6. well they shouldnt keep me here past 10 O'clock :p its now 1.30am and im still here...started at 2PM.

    and its illegal for me to be in a workplace by myslef any way. so i was doing them a favour :D
  7. Yes, well they have to give you your breaks. :wink:

    Just don't get caught wagging when you're supposed to be there. :)
  8. i'm a printer, and the machines were running quite smoothly so it doesnt matter all that much :D

    just got home and soaking wet....and its not even raining! lol.

    heaps of fog on the road, could barely see from the hoppers X'ing turn off all the way to me street in wyndhamvale. sp00ky.

    sow sitting here watching some random show eating nutrigrain mmm.
  9. Hook turns are simple enough. You move in front of the traffic to your left, and you become part of that traffic. So you go when their light goes green.
  10. And no matter what, DO NOT tell a work colleague you have cut out for a ride. No matter how friendly they may seem, if they need leverage for something in teh future, it will be brought up!
    When at work, assume everyone is a backstabber.

    Regards, Andrew.