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Just Went Flying

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. It was well fun :D.

    Got a voucher for my birthday and got around to using it. It was about 20 min to half hour, probably longer than it felt and took off from camden. I don't know how honest he was being, but the pilot said he was surprised I had never flown before considering how I adapted to new controls, also said he gave me control for a larger portion of the time than usual. *shrugs*

    I wasn't expecting a wild ride with large g forces, and it wasn't, but it was still adrenal enough and overload was poking his head up occasionally, telling me he was still around. It felt similar to driving a small boat in 3d, also similarish to driving. Would have loved to go in a plane without a "canopy?" roof and get the wind rush.

    Was great for a one off, but not the sort of thing I'd take up as a week end hobby - disregarding price, not all that thrilling tbh.

    Highly recommended if you have never done before
  2. i went up on one of these 15 years ago(zomg) was meant to be up for 20 minutes landed just under an hour. I had control from Take off(with some very severe oversight) to landing(about 20 meters up from Runway) lots of lazy figure 8's and some negative G turns. The guy was astonished by how much i actually knew, in regards to the actual mechanics of flight and instrumentation. Cessna's are not complicated by any means, but being an avid buff for all my youth and all the study I did paid off that day. One of my greatest memories. Shame it cost's so much to do as a permanent hobby.
  3. Lilley - what sort of aircraft were you flying?
  4. single prop cessna
  5. I fly out of Camden regularly....if you go up again then ask them for a Sydney Scenic via Victor One.

    V1 is a low level (500ft) air corridor from South Head to Kurnell that sneaks you under the approach path for the Kingsford Smith....means that you get to fly along the cliff tops.

  6. Yeah I learned to fly fora while before the ex and I had kids...... I got my GFPT and took a few mates for a few flights and did a couple of nav-ex's and then let it go.......

    its good fun mate, but heroin addiction would be cheaper

  7. all of you say its bloody expensive, so how much is it?
  8. $200 / flight depending on who you use. And thats for the introduction flight, Lessons are much more expensive.
  9. 200 bux for a 20 minute flight? ayyyee, i could get to New Zealand for 200 bux with jetstar lol
  10. i think to get your licence is about 10k, this allows you to fly the planes like the one that Lilley did.

    I know two guys currently doing the course.
  11. 10k? A friend of mine got his license a few years back. AFAIK he spent about 45k.

    He does fly larger props and seaplanes though. Still I think the basic light plane license is still more than 10k.

    I went flying with him a few times too. Got a 45 min flight for free :angel:
  12. Bachelor of Science with Aviation through Griffith 15 years or so ago was $60k, but you came out with your commercial license, and a science degree.
  13. hmm, think the thing I did was less than that, maybe $120?
  14. i bought my wife for our anniversary last year a helicopter intro flight. The guy took off, and hovered for a bit and did some slow back wards and forwards, then she had a turn(I laughed at the wobbles). They then went up and flew from Moorabin AP down to sorento and back along the beach. Cost a shy over $200, was worth every cent, fortunately we can't afford lessons atm or i'd be taking her down every week.
  15. I went on a helicopter joy flight, used to be 1 at Castle Hill industrial area, was all good, but watching the news 2 days after my flight, the same helicopter crashed lol
  16. I've done this one myself.

    good fun.
  17. That's where I got to as well. It's so bloody expensive and I thought after I get my people what do I do next? Fly up to Bendigo, get a hamburger and fly bacK? Expensive burger.
  18. Typically a learner pilot will take 60ish hours to get their Private Pilots Licence. That'd be $12k at $200ph. When I did mine it was $160ph with an instructor and that was back in '99.
  19. It depends what you fly and how effectively you use your training time - the minimum requirement for a people is 40 hours - but 50-60 is more common.

    Rates for dual instruction vary from 170-200 per hour for a basic trainer, solo flights are usually $40-50 per hour cheaper - a substantial part of your people training will be solo flying which puts the costs around $8k.

    I've taken my training a bit further, I have a Commercial license including multi-engine endorsement and PIFR which means I can fly non-commercial flights on instruments (ie when bad weather means I can't see the ground)

    It's useful if you want to get out and see some more of Australia, but it's an expensive thing to do if all you want to do are joy rides. As an example, I flew down to Young a few weeks ago with a few friends - the aircraft cost $360/hour for a high performance twin with 8 seats. Sounds expensive, but flight time Camden to Young was under 40 minutes each way vs a 5-7 hour road trip....the plane is pretty cost competitive with driving as our total air time charge for the return trip was only 115 minutes for the weekend.

    Interesting to note that you now require more hours logged to get a provisional cage drivers license, than you do for a commercial pilots license.....scary isn't it?
  20. and whats involved in getting a commercial license, as in qantas and jetstar planes, or even the a380's