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Just wanted to share

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by emsie, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just wanted to share my day :)

    Today (my gf's birthday!), we gave each other new "wedding" rings since for various reasons we couldn't wear our old ones from our commitment ceremony in Hawaii many years ago :) So now, we're wearing our new rings in anticipation of our civil ceremony on our 10th anniversary on October 31, 2008.

    *giggles like a schoolgirl* I can't stop looking at it; I'm loving having something to show off :grin:

  2. congrats err again :grin:

    Hot on the heels of losing mine. think the dog stole it again.
  3. Congratulations (again).
  4. Huzzahh!!!

    Congratulations !
  5. You married pretty young!

    Congratulations that you've lasted this long. :grin:
  6. Nice one emsie, congrats and all the best for the big day!(even though it's not till next year) :grin:
  7. aaahhh that is so cute, love is pretty ace isn't it! :grin:
  8. We met when we were both 19, she moved in on day 4 and we have been apart a handful of days since then :) So far we've lasted through a lot of other relationships dying around us and I think it's just made us stronger :)
  9. Happy 'wedding ring' day, emsie :grin:

    Here's to many more happy days :beer: *kerchink*
  10. When you know, you just know....

    Congrats Emsie! Also double congrats on beating the statistics!!! lol
    Here;s to many more :beer:

  11. thats really cool, congrats!
  12. thanks :)
  13. +10 the ring looks awesome...