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Just wanted to say thank you to Troy at MCR Tullmarine

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by goddie, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Not sure how politically correct this might be but I just wanted to express my gratitude to guy that has gone out his way to help me get my bike looking like new again and at a cost to himself financially to look after someone that cant quite afford to splash out big bucks on his commute and pride and joy.
    a few months back I had a slow speed collision and Troy approached me here on this site to 'bring it up lets have a look' that night we spent hours getting the front to look half decent to let me be ably to continually commute, he dug a side fairing and gave it to me at less then cost to help me out. been saving the dollars since to get the bike painted back to 'normal' again. Troy and true to his word brought the bike up like brand spankin new. May I say that to state Troys prices are 'competitve' would be an understatement!! I have spoken to peple at work who have asked for Troys number. Top things off, he's put me on to a friend of his that has a mechanical workshop in airport west who 'like Troy' is very well priced.
    Good to see some honest people still exist in the business, can not believe the price difference from these guys to the 'named/branded shops' if you know anyone that needs a bike reapired, I couldnt recommend a more honest and 'proud of his work' person then Troy. MCR are located at Freight Dr,Tullmarine, just off mickelham rd. PH: 9310 5333 is the number. If this posting goes against the grain of some, I do apologise, but when I needed the help this guy went all out for me.

  2. Yep Troy has helped me heaps, and other Netriders, he is a true 'stand up guy'.

    I highly reccommend him for any crash/bodywork repairs.
  3. Good to hear. NR welcomes comments (i think) about workshops, as long as you dont have any financial benefits ,eg. share in ownership. Comments good and bad bout workshops lets the community avoid the dodgy people; If you want your business to survive, word of mouth certainly helps alot. Plenty of NR's who post good comments bout workshops, i certainly will take my money there over someone who has a poor reputation here.

    although should really have been posted in business forum.
  4. Troy is the salt of the earth.
    At heart he's a motorcycle rider who just happens to run a business, as opposed to a business owner who just happens to own a motorcycle.
  5. How long do think he'll be in business if he keeps losing money on each job?

    Better get in quick!
  6. i dont think he loses money on every job. i think he does it at better rates than others. i think certain circumstances rules will be bent, well from the sounds of things
  7. Yes Troy is a genuine guy willing to help out those in need..

    I am sure he doesn't lose money, he just chooses not to rip people off..
  8. Yep. He helped my Dad out when his scooter was crashed and I can say that he's one of the true gentlemen of the industry. Highly recommended!