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Just Wanted To Say Hi Again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Carpe Diem, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Returning to the site after a little time away, Just thought id say hi and hopefully catch up soon for a ride. No longer ride the hyosung have purchased my one true love K9 gixxer 1000. Still have the Hyo but looking at getting rid of it soon maybe, if i can part with it :) Well god to be back see ya around.

  2. (y)
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  3. Welcome back. Nice bike. Must join us on a ride around the country one time.
  4. Hi Garido,

    Definiitely will, Keep me posted of any rides you might be doing, Im heading out Sunday down the great ocean road to Lorne if you or anyones interested. Just me and a couple of mates :)
  5. Also having real trouble locating anything in this new setup, mainly the membership page so i can become a member. Any help ive read through almost everything but still cannot seem to find where to join any help on this would be great thanks.
  6. nice to see you grabbing the carp and moving up

    welcome back
  7. Thanks Hornet :)

    Any help on membership area would be great though.