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Just visiting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Hi guys and gals, I am going down to Victoria for a week or so, taking it easy and just cruising. Any advice from southerners would be welcome. (Stay away will not be considered). I'll be keeping more or less to the eastern half, with one trip to the GOR for a bit of reminiscing. Hope to be at one of the coffee nights probably Monday.

  2. A bit more info when are you arriving & how long are you staying? & where are you staying?, are you riding? if so what are you riding? Are you coming down alone or with company?
  3. Hey Haggis, not too sure what advice you are after, but as the weather fines up there will be plenty of posted group rides down south. Will be great to meet an interstater at Monday coffee, Fasta Pasta of course ;)
  4. I'll be leaving Sydney on Thursday, riding my little 250 solo of course Staying with friends till the NSW border then YHA and pubs. I'll be doing a bike ride in March next year and want to check out the route with an engine first. I'll be in Melbourne sometime Sunday.
    I'm interested in knowing what speed do I keep to? I'm on P's in NSW where we are limited to 90kph, I've heard in VIC I can do the posted speed, is that true?
  5. Doesn't matter what licence you hold, you stick to the posted speed limit in Vic.
    If you are in Melbourne for this weekend, there is a BBQ for the Grand Final on saturday, you are sure to meet a few netriders there so come along and put some faces to names ;)
  6. 90k's - lunacy with cars are trucks doing 100 to 110 down the freeways......

    Yep it's the posted speed limit - you can do about 3 to 5% over the limit before being caught (115 in a 110 zone and I have sailed past radars no probs).