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just turned 40....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gc33, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I dunno if this is the right forum to place this in but anyways, I just turned 40 a week ago. Whilst I work away I came home to an awesome surprise. No...It wasnt a new bike....
    I have had a pretty special year and am grateful for it. I went to the Isle of man TT for its centennary and shipped our blackbird over for it then when I got home we bought another new bike, the big suzuki M109R.
    My missus had asked me on several occasions what I wanted for my 40th and when I said nothing I actually meant it.
    Whilst on the IOM I had been given a genuine Manx flag which I had signed by most of the riders that were competing and that on its own was/is special.
    I came home from work after 9 days(Iwork away) only to be given my birthday pressie.....My flag had been mounted and framed and a set of commerative playing cards had also been mounted and framed with a few of the pics I had taken whilst over there...
    Here is the end result....I tell ya, completely unexpected and i am stoked!! :grin:


  2. Wow that is awesome.. I am sure you treasure that forever in a day..

    And i am sure you posted in the right place.. :grin:
  3. Damn, you must be the happiest guy on the planet right about now, congratulations on the big 4-0 and very nice display!
  4. yup pretty damn happy. Got that nissan grin if you can remember the advert. :grin:
  5. congrats to you mister four-O
  6. Thats awesome.

    While we may not want anything, it doesnt mean that the right person can't think of and find something that will still be special to you.

    Happy 40th and a great missus you have there.
  7. I could only be happier for you if you had the dolmio grin
  8. Congrats to you on the 40th, and what a great thought your wife had to do that for you, Well done to her!
  9. another potential junior ulysses member.

    here's to another safe and happy 40 mate!
  10. They should raise the limit to get into Ulysses anyway. Forty is the new thirty, so you're still a whippersnapper. Congrats!
  11. nah not yet. Went out for a ride with one group over here and wouldnt go above 80kph on the open road.
    and ya werent allowed to overtake etc etc. Sod that, the blackbird seldom got outta 3rd gear.
    Hope im still riding at 80. I dont ride to escape life but to stop life escaping me.
  12. Congrats on the big 40 and the top pressies from the missus

    Well you know not to join that group again :p

    There's crazies in every bunch, ya just gotta find 'em :wink: