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just too funny

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by killbot88, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. so get this
    i was riding home the other day and i thought i would have some fun. i was lanesplitting inbetween cars (it was a 2 lane road) and traffic was slow. then this girl (about 25) swings towards the centre of the road to block me. so i slowed down and merged back onto the road.

    a bit more down the road i tryed to pass again (she was going about 50 in a 60 zone, so was the clown in the right hand lane) and she kept blocking me, anyway the guy in the right hand lane turns right and i pull up next to the girl. i give her the usual shrug and "what you doin?" looks. she looks at me and puts up her pinky (like in the adds) and then BANG runs up the back of a car that stopped to let a bus out :LOL:

    i had to stop and laugh (and see how the driver of the other car was) she even tryed to blame the accident on me to he cops. they just said " your driving, your responsible" no-one was hurt but it was definenty funny

    just thought i would share
  2. how did she know you have a small widget?just kidding. :p
    she does something potentially dangerous simply because she thinks your doing the wrong thing.then while she is trying to make a stupid point,she goes ahead and does something completely stupid and dangerous again.and to top it off,she blames you for her actions!!!
    its embarrassing to be part of the human race sometimes :roll:
  3. Hhaha, fcuk thats gold. I'd pay to see that happen again(Im not paying for the girls insurance though) tape it and stick it in funniest home videos, and then when we win, split the winnings with you.
  4. LMFAO that's classic!
    where in Adelaide did that happen!

    god people here are so narrowminded about lane splitting...
  5. Hahaha, what a stupid biatch.
  6. did you take pics of this biatch on your mobile?
    If so stick them up please. :grin:
  7. So they were the one blindly following the speeding and anti-hoon advertisements - and yet they're the ones that caused a crash :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:.

    We really need some anti-stupid laws and advertising.
  8. In front of the cops I would have said “You intentionally swerved to impede or possibly impact an other vehicle, you then took your eyes off the road to try to make an invalid point and now you are trying to blame me? You’ll be lucky if the cops don’t hit you with reckless drivingâ€
  9. Karma...sometimes, it just WORKS, does'nt it! :LOL: :LOL:

    (glad she did'nt swerve out and hit you, when she realized she was running up the arse of the car in front...whew!)
  10. and all she wanted was your small weener, classic!
  11. what a great story..... :LOL: just great.....to bad she will be back on the road in a couple of weeks.....where the tree/brick wall/concrete pillar when you need one......do feel for the driver the stupid biatch hit though
  12. I couldn't stop laughing after reading that =p, only person i ever had do that too me was a massive derro looking overweight chick in the car next too me. I didn't respond as i figured she had enough problems and needed all the lift she could get :p
  13. Pure Gold ! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Karma seems to have bitten another ass
  14. So.....Was she hot!!!
  15. Should have gestured a big hole with your hands before you drove off.
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    Hahaha, thats funny as i would try to contain myself from laughing even if the copper is there too. Sucked in dumb biatch.

    she gave you the Pinkie, ANYONE seen the new add for the Australian Top Gear coming soon on SBS. Some chick does it to a guy in a Audi A8 and he puts up his pinky and its HUGE. Hilarious.

    CHECK IT OUT, you'll laugh:


  17. Nice. Just deserts. :) Stoopid is as stoopid does.

    I saw the tv ad for the new topgear magazine the other night. A guy in a hotted up car is waiting at the lights. Some hot chick does the little pinky little penis gesture at him... he looks and gives her the same signal back - except his little pinky is HUUUUUGGEEEE! :LOL:

    Edit: How'd I miss Tim's post?... go have a look at the ad. :grin: