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just to rub salt in one's wounds...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. ... the remains of my bike got stolen last night :(

  2. oh shit. from where ? not from your garage ?
  3. You have got to be kidding, mate?? Who knew they were there, or was it just random, do you think???

    Rotten rotten luck, piled up :cry:
  4. You're friggin joking? People will steal any bloody thing.............christ do you have to chain down EVERYTHING you own these days?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. no garage here unfortunately.. i've only got an allocated spot in a semi- enclosed area. it's right outside people's windows, so i'm going to ask around and hopefully someone heard something :(
  6. I'm bloody speechless. That is just cruel.
  7. That's mega crap.

    I don't supose you've got theft insurance?

  8. Can't help i got to repeat what hornet600 said "you have got to be kidding" I hope you come out on top.
  9. what the fcuk? that is low... scum.
  10. Sorry to hear that mate, but what do you mean by 'remains' ?
  11. you might want to refer to my other recent thread entitled "Rider down ..." :p

    nope... the insurance quotes were too rediculous
  12. Dude, serious :furious:
    How can people do that??
  13. Shit, that is just crap.

    Some people do some low things.
  14. ...mate, offer a sacrifice to the gods for the bad karma you must be sportin... I'm shakin my head in disbelief.

    That completely and utterly sux. They stole a damaged bike?!?!? Boggles the mind.

    Really sorry that you've become a poster boy for a minimum of TPFT insurance.
  15. With any luck karma will come to your aid and the frame will snap in half after the scumbag has spent a shitload fixing it up.
  16. boody 'ell. what a body-blow. this could be one of those 'week that changed my life' moments.

    i guess it proves the reality that noone steals a bike for the fairing!

    i'm with rob.... hopefully that's some serious bad karma burnt off leaving room for plenty of good stuff to come in :)
  17. Sounds much like what happened to my old ZX6R. Threw it down the track at PI 10 years back. While I was organising to get it repaired, some assholes stole the bike even though it was still quite damaged.

    I guess that I took some small comfort in that they stole a damaged bike, and therefore largely wasted their time.

    The world is full of scum.
  18. Where's that emoticon with the jaw hitting the ground!?

    That really is a slap in the face after everything else. I assume the correct channels have been contacted about this incident... police, yakuza, mafia; and that a hit is out on anyone currently in possession of your bike.

    May a million fleas infest the groins of the scum who kicked a man when he's already down.
  19. People,

    Androo lives with me. His bike was parked righted next to mine. I have a crappy 250..... People wont steal anything, just nice bikes. They also left a Zeal and a crappy zxr600.

    It makes my blood boil that TPFT is sooo expensive and only 1 insurance company offers it in NSW {QBE}. Grrrrrr.

    This has to be an inside job, meaning that someone from our block of units suggested to a friend that a Gixxer lived there. Some smack down will be issued.

    Hopefully someone got a licence plate. Ryde is offically scum of sydney!
  20. [IMG:15:100:e60dc01cf7]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/kraven_84/Smilies/eeek.gif[/img:e60dc01cf7]
    Is right.