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Just ticked over 7,000 kms + random pics of '08 250 Ninja

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ryan_a, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Is it just me or do all the "Hi I'm getting my first bike!" people disappear just after they get it? I was reading these forums more while I was waiting for delivery :)

    So anyway, just ticked over 7,000kms, commuting to the city daily and riding twisties any chance I get, and now here's some random photos!

    Base of Reefton Spur:


    Lookout at Reefton Spur:



    As I was taking these photos I saw two completely nuts things, a guy in a Porche cross double lines around a blind corner at crazy speed going downhill, and then a madman in a station wagon overtake a ute (taking his damn time, as well) around another blind corner uphill.

    And that just about wraps up this random thread. :p
  2. Good on you for doing some proper riding, none of this 'oh yeah I'm real experienced, I've done 2000kms in 12 months' crap!

    Nice looking bike.
  3. Well Done Ryan!
    Good shots too :)
  4. You cant beat the feeling of riding through the twisties on your first bike. Keep good care of it, looks like a neat bike. Love the photos.
  5. Being a rider is much more fun if you're actually out there riding. I don't know why some people have bikes. Good on you for getting out there!

    Nice shots :wink:
  6. Nice bike, nice pics...... stay alert out there fella :wink:
  7. Keep riding and keep grinning.

    Time to invest in a better camera too
  8. Nice pic's, ride safe.
  9. wheres the lookout on reefton :-k
  10. If you're going from reefton to marysville (i.e. from the intersection that takes you down towards the dam), it's a few minutes from that intersection on the left after a right hand bend, you'd be going slightly uphill :)

    My fav. lookout so far is the one as you're heading up towards Lake Mountain, just leaving marysville before the right that takes you towards reefton :) Looks unreal on a clear day!
  11. ive clocked 11,000kms in an odd 6 months or so on my bike...

    the car only gets driven once a week... although when its cold and wet and im going to work at 3am i tend to weak out a bit and sit in the warm leather clad comfort.......
  12. So when we going for a ride??
  13. whenever mang.....

    ill sms ya when im organising a crew for a nice sunday ride, weather has been sheethouse recently
  14. lucky.. im still waiting for my baby ninja :(