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Just starting out

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cos13, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi all, been thinking about getting my L's & a bike for a while now. So whats a good reliable bike with good resale that is learner approved??

    Honda's, suzuki's, kawaka's - all been referred, being about 5'8 i need a bike suitable for shorter people.

    On a side note, i wandered into an aprilia dealer and had a sit on the new rs4 125.. friggin awsome bike! Any thoughts on that?
  2. How much bike experience do you have?

    What style of bikes do you like?

    What is your budget?

    Need some more info cos. Honda CB400 looks like a decent bike for someone your height, though depends on how much riding experience you have.
  3. If its road bikes ,Honda vtr250, honda cbr250 ,Suzuki gs500, Kawasaki ninja 250 if you are looking at the brands you mentioned and judging by the rs4 125 you were looking at. Otherwise there are heaps of other styles to chose from.
  4. if you like cruisers? theres the xvs650, the upright ride on the ERN is quite good, so as you can see, we can recommend 100 different bikes, but you need to know what you like first!!
    and a new bike for your first? If you can afford it why not, but you wont cry as much when you drop it, whats that I hear you say, 'you wont be dropping your bike'? lol we ALL say that :)
  5. I have no exp on a bike, looking at 2nd hand. I like sports bikes, the looks and light weight etc.

    first bike will be a short term one, Im determined to be a good rider so its gotta challenge me. Budget goes to $6k. Challenge to not drop it- Accepted!

    so older cbr's, ninjas/zzr, gpx's might be it!
  6. The RS4 125 is a bit over budget there anyway. :p My little 150 "sporty" bike was about $4k new; wasn't gonna spend $7k on the other new 125s when 250s seem to cost the same!

    Happy shopping; some of those bikes get so cheap. Plenty of those Kwakas around $2k. CBR250Rs are pretty cheap too. The CBR250RR costs a bit more (seen lots of ~1992 models for $4-5k) but yeah, good resale value...

    And welcome! :)
  7. Welcome to NR :)

    You can get a new-gen ninja 250 for less than your budget in good nick. I find it pretty zippy as a learner too (5'10", 80kg)
  8. +1 for the Ninja, they look the part. CB400's are a pretty impressive ride too. I'd go to a dealer with a variety of bikes and sit on anything and everything till something jumped out and interested you.
  9. Maybe a GS500F? If you stretch your budget to $7K then you should be able to find an 08 or 09 CB400.
  10. Yeah I've had a sit on a few of hondas lams and thought they're a bit small. I will look at the gs500 now and the ninja 250 because I'm close to daveaust's height and weight- I've heard before that they are bigger than the cbr but I don't know if it's true. Is it?

    Unfortunatly the other half was there when I was in the bike shop and wanted out as soon as she was done looking at the dirtbikes I.e 10mins... Couldn't try any more of em :tantrum:
  11. Hi Cos13,

    Don't know where you're from but I truly recommend one of these for your first bike, easy to ride, easy to get your licence on, plenty of grunt to keep you happy for some time with 500cc but won't/shouldn't frighten you, great for doing some touring, I did 2,000km tour around Northern nsw on one of these and it handled it with ease and comfort.
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/private...&__Nne=15&__Qpb=1&__sid=136B5CCC1288&__N=1432 604 1430 1429 1626 1428 4294967215 4294966158

    They are now at the price where you won't lose much money on them when you sell it later and the low stress motor will handle losts more kms and very economical too. 13litres for 300kms with touring gear on at highway speeds.They have a 19 litre tank giving you a range of about 400kms plus.
    If you do happen to drop it, you don't have any expensive fairings to worry about, in fact, forget fairing laden bikes for your first bike, insurance is a killer and the plastic is expensive to repair....go naked (the bike not you lol)
    is my recommendation.



  12. Yeah the ninjas are definately a little bigger and the GS500F is a fair bit bigger again. I came from doing my q-ride and first couple of weeks riding on nakeds to the ninja and it felt cramped for the first couple of rides. Feels natural now

    The new CB400 = hot. Black & gold paint :) Bit exxy though. Almost bought an older one