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Just Starting Out ;)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Not2Old4_2wheels, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Hi, I been lurking in here for a few months and have only recently obtained my Ls. So far have picked up heaps of tips and good advise from may here and hope to get more.

    Decided for practical reasons to start off with a scooter. Thought the best way to get use to commuting would be with a easy to ride commuter bike, so the scooter makes sense for now (Piaggio X7 250). The two wheel bug is very contagious and in time I think I will be looking at a second bike for weekends. Just need to get that one through the finance minister.

    Looking forward to continuing to learn and enjoy the experience of riding.


  2. G'day Angelo and welcome on board. Where you from?
  3. I'm in Melbourne commuting from inner east to CBD.
  4. Cool so you're a local then. You might find this section of the forum helpful if you intend on attending some of the social group rides we do in Melbourne and may also find the following thread helpful to determine which ride group you'd fit into.

    Some of us start riding as kids, teenagers some of us at 20,30,40,50 or above but as your nickname suggests you are never two old for 2 wheels as only people that ride know the feeling : )

    Hope to see you around.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and links.

    I'm not in the "50 or above" but getting there :). Nickname is that because I had many telling me how stupid I was at my age to get a motorcycle license.
  6. You're welcome. I knew you were and that's why I posted it : )
    There are many people in your situation on netrider who start riding late but don't get any support from their family/friend network which makes it hard.
    Well at netrider we disagree with them and you are more than welcome amongst us.
  7. Hi Angelo and welcome to Netrider mate !
    Happy, safe riding (y)
  8. Hi Angelo and welcome to NR.

    If you aren't 50 you certainly won't be the oldest to get a licence. And I know at least one guy in his mid 70's who still acctively rides.
  9. never to old mate, welcome :)
  10. Welcome Angelo !!
  11. Don't worry, Im old too and just got my learners. Now I feel 20 years younger!
    Welcome and enjoy your stay with us.
  12. My Dad's about 54/55 and just renewed his license. No such thing as too old :) And dude, you're not old either!

  13. Thanks for the welcome all. Really looking forward learning heaps, and enjoying the practice. Bit harsh some of the dissing people give scooters on here, but hey I'm a big boy and can take it :).
  14. Welcome young fellow, Heather got her learners a few months back and she is 60, she is going great on her 250 cruiser,
    Im even older.
    Tempory aussie, crazy, you name it, Her kids call her all this crap, but she loves riding and the freedom it gives her, The kids need to get a life,
    A scooter is still two wheels,
  15. Welcome Angelo