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Just started riding, loving it

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wby 1, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone.
    New rider as of last thursday night when I picked up my 2015 cbr500r. I believe its one of the first silver ones around (Im pretty sure I can't upload a photo since this is my first post?)

    So far Ive racked up 100k's just riding locally close to home. Got my L's about 3 weeks ago and have had no riding experience before so Im getting used to it all, and so far I absolutely love riding and my new bike! Its taken a while to get one- Ive had a few 4wds in the past but now its time for 2 wheeled toy.

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  2. welcome wby 1wby 1 look forward to seeing photos of the new silver beast once you are allowed to post :)
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  3. Howdy, yes a few more posts and more features open up to you. You can create a showcase item for your pride and joy if you like.
  4. Welcome mate, enjoy!
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  5. Yay, another CBR500R joins the family :D

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  6. Welcome wby 1wby 1 I've heard that the CBR500 is one of if not, the best LAMS bike available.
    Check out the learners group at Homebush thread, and the events section for group rides.
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  7. Thanks for the welcomes.

    Yeah Im surprised how easy and forgiving it is to ride, even though I have nothing to compare it to except the well used vtr250 I rode at the pre learners course.

    Am planning to head along to Homebush one day soon. A bit more practice on busy roads first though, so I can actually make it there!
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  8. Check out the mentoring thread too, there's a ton of experience here and a bunch of us are willing to help you along.
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  9. Welcome wby 1,we all started somewhere once upon a time, some remember it, some don't
  10. Welcome to the site wby 1 and welcome to the motorcycling fraternity .
  11. Welcome to NR..
  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR wby 1wby 1 .. looking forward to the bike pics.
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  13. Welcome to the forum, wby 1. The CBR500R is sure to keep you interested long after your L and P plates.
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  14. I have just started riding too (earlier this year) - I have managed to clock up 700km just pottering around. Keen to start doing some longer rides once I am more confident.
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