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Just Started Raining and Caught Out Without Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jfiddy, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm in Sydney, working in the CBD and was in a rush this morning so just brought the Gloves and Helmet.

    Now it's raining.

    By the time I get off work I don't think I'll have time to do the bike shops for a new waterproof jacket... will a Ski Jacket and pants do the trick?

    Or any other alternative to keep me warm and dry?
  2. newspaper down the front of ur jacket, garbage bags around everything else.
  3. LoL pwned.

    Harden up princess and just ride in it.
  4. your skins waterproof so just ride nekkid problem solved
  5. Do you ride a scooter??
  6. So the only protective gear you were wearing was helmet and gloves, in the rush hour, in slippery conditions, because you were too rushed.

    May I suggest a flame suit? :LOL:
  7. Weather's been so unpredictable here. Didn't take any wet weather gear with me on Monday cos I was taking a friend shopping and wanted to keep the saddlebag free and it was a really nice day, then just started pissing down just before i was about to head home. Still, if I'd known it was going to rain I'd have taken the car and missed out on riding all day.
  8. Today, leave work, nice and sunny, half way home, very dark clouds then all of a sudden SMACK!!!!!! hail stones hitting my helmet.

    hmmmmmmm, wet pants are in the tail bag, huge bridge coming up, dry underneath it.................... fcuk it, kept riding and got home wet.

    Draggin jeans dry quickly I discovered ;)

    At the end of the day, It's only water ;)
  9. A classic example of an (already) HTFU'd rider. Onya Vic !

    PS - Happy Birthday to you also. One year younger, no doubt :cool:
  10. I've never worried greatly about the top half of the body getting wet when riding, but there's nothing worse than sitting in a pool of water for hundreds of kilometres, or even ten. Go to your motorcycle accessory shop and get a pair of RJays plastic pants; should cost around $40. Roll them up into a small package and find a home for them under your seat.

    (Having said that, as noted, if you're riding all the time in a ski jacket, you really should be spending some cash on a proper jacket, then worrying about whether or not you're getting wet).
  11. dude this is too harsh. lol

    luckily it will be clearing and has over my way. i always go with the boy scouts motto.....
  12. OK guys you win this round.

    I got $1.5k worth of leathers that I left at home.

    ATGATT in the future.
  13. Yeh man, it was sunny almost until knock of time at work, got home fcuken soaked. So much for few showers and clearing.
  14. Leathers aren't always practical for commuting, and you still need some wet-weather gear anyway. Leather isn't waterproof, and when it's wet it takes days to dry off and smells like a wet cat :LOL:.