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Just saying hi re my 1st post

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bikemechanicchick, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    This is my 1st post, I am a lady bike mechanic (yes you heard right) form Sydney Au's. I run my own small mobile bike repairs business. I have been in the industry for over 28yrs & finished my apprenticeship way back in 86.

    Just saying a breif hello as I am a very busy woman but will find the time to drop in now & then, Cheers.

  2. Marry me ...fix my 7 Harley's and cook me and my dog dinner...we will be a great couple ! but I do have to go home to my fiancé every now n then - ok?

    In the meantime welcome and I hope you enjoy this nuthouse as much as I do - what area of Sydney do you call home if you don't mind me asking? And what do you ride?
  3. Welcome to Netrider; I hope you may be able to provide some wise answers to the many mechanical questions we ask :).
  4. Also I was born the year after you finished your apprenticeship ! It's a sign !
  5. CRISIS keep away from women
    Dont you have a A.V.O or somthing lol
  6. Welcome in. God to have someone with mechanical experience on here...for a change!

    Ha ha!

  7. Eh...technically you are correct...but I dropped out of year 1 for this exact reason...so I can plead stupidity as my defense as I don't know what that paper says ...
  8. Hi,

    Geez I get these sort of wishful thinking comments from Hog riders all the time. I do admit tho that after all these yrs I am not particularly endeared by fixing bikes. Sure I am good at it but I tend to avoid mentioning what I do [-(for a quid when I am out socially.

    I live in the lower nth shore of Sydney (northern beaches).

    Should it be the case I bother re marrying the guy would not likely be a bike enthusiast so sorry guys you'd be outta luck LOL,

  9. legend....you'll fit in well here....enjoy the forum matey
  10. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for yr welcome, I get very little spare time during my 1 day off a week. Most of my Sunday is spent resting my weiry bones & massaging my skin & hands for hrs.

    Once in a while I may get a chance to offer a little short & sweet advice. Bare in mind tho it may take a while for me to find the time to reply to any questions,

    Cheers netriderchchic.
  11. Born and raised in Freshy. Moved to Narra after school then Noosa ha ha.
    Luv a good right hand break.
    Just got back from my first social ride this year...:) I ride for a living....... so's I know what ya mean.
  12. Hi there

    I am not into bikes at all - I just like to dress up as if I am into them - its an image thing nothing else.

    I like to do crochet and knitting in my spare time.
    I also collect paint sample cards for fun and profit
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  13. very little Tak
  14. Hello and welcome, it can be fun here and you can learn stuff. You can probably teach us stuff.
  15. HI Brett, indeed it could be a case of a very small world I also grew up in freshwater / curl curl / dee why etc.

    I never bother with the whole biker chic thing, I am actually quite girly socially very much so a skirt & heels type lady socially. People ask me what I ride I tell them you name it I have probebly ridden it at some stage over the last 28 yrs fixing bikes.

    I have owned over 40 bikes from 50cc to 1300cc & usually just sold them after I fixed them. Road tests suffice to fill the need for a ride.

    Alas you are older than me tho: nopity: there is a good chance you may have know my 2 leunatic older brothers who where always getting in strife back then,

    Cheers bike mechchic.
  16. Was at St John the Baptist, then Christian bros.
    Lived in Soldiers av when I was a takker
  17. Hi Brett ??? I can't recall as my brothers & I where public school kids & rarely mixed with the catholic school kids.

    Never mind nice to meet you anyway, happy riding,

  18. Hi
    Welcome to the forum. They are a great bunch of blokes.