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Just saying Hello......

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by istray, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I've just ordered my first road bike, after being off and on dirt bikes (and I don't mean "off" as in lying on the ground) ) for the last 30 years or so. I rode a couple of mates bikes, and decided if I was ever going to buy a road bike I'd better do it before I was too old. So, after looking at a VFR800 I ended up ordering a Suzuki 1250 Bandit........ after I rode a second hand bike and loved the low down power and smoothness, and the price. So now I'm looking at rider training, and spending hours on the net trying to compare Leather to Kevlar etc. Hopefully I can find some info about both on here.

  2. Hey Ian welcome to NR.. you'll find all the info you need on here.. aaaand some you might not want .. :-s

    Anyway - have fun! (y)

    (and I must ask - are you hot??)

  3. G'day old fella, welcome. There is a world of pain awaiting you here, only joking, all sorts of good stuff. Use the search feature regularly, or wear flame retardent gear, joking again of course. Answer madass's question too theres a good chap. Not that I give a hoot but the girls might.
  4. Bet you come back to check Mcsenna...popcorn?

  6. we will use deductive reasoning here , he`s probably 40ish and named Ian ,Hat full of

    welcome aboard Ian
  7. Just hit this: [​IMG] under the post you want to quote :)

    This [​IMG] to insert an image (using photobucket or imageshack)

    This: [​IMG] to quote something off the net or where ever...

    The youtube icon doesnt work but it's right beside this: [​IMG]

    Thats the main ones anyway..
  8. Welcome to NR. Beer? :)

    I feel like a glass of Shiraz. Its the coldest October day in 40 years. You gotta love Melbourne.

    Leather v/s Kevlar? Well leather is always good but gets hot in summer so buy a few things & use accordingly.
  9. Thanks, actually it's 50ish, but thanks again....
    I did click the quote button, but must have used the "other" finger that doesn't work as well
    And Yes a beer would be good, but won't say no to a Shiraz, Cab Sav, Scotch.......
    The son in law has taken off for Qld on his Buell, and is sending back photo's by the pool etc. mongrel :)
  10. Welcome mate, I'm from Carrum Downs too. Might see you around (y)
  11. when using the quote function.. make sure NOT to delete anything inside the square brackets.. (generally stuff like the words QUOTE.. Slashes numbers and user names) you can delete anything from the quote itself.. even change peoples words around (but we know that would be wrong of us.. ) just dont delete anything surrounded by ['s and ]'s...

    For example:
    (Sorry SydMadAss125.. but you seem like the kind of person who will see the funny side in this :) )

    Welcome to NR Ian.
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  12. :rofl: portaloooooooo
  13. Welcome to Netrider, Ian.

    Dirt riding is fun, but eating up the miles on a big roadie is something else again (y).
  14. Hi arlennnn look out for a shiny blue Bandit.
  15. Hi & welcome. My friend also has a blue bandit. He loves it, great bike