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Just saying hello, plus what I spent getting geared-up.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gilligan, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Since it seems to be the done thing I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. Bit of a late starter at 32 y.o., but I got my Ls a couple of weeks ago, and the only issue I had was a big question of "why did i wait so long to do this"! Really love it.

    I'm looking at getting a bike in the next couple of weeks, thinking a Spada to start off with and most seem to think this is pretty sensible. I bought all my gear today and I'm pretty pleased. Based on good comments here on the Netrider forum I went out to Bike Mart in Ringwood (Melbourne) and had a great experience (thanks Dave). Since gear costs seem to be a recurring theme for newbies I thought I'd list what I bought and what it cost me. Straight up Bike Mart gave me 10% off everything for being a new rider getting set up. OK, what I got:

    Ixon Titan Jacket: $520
    HJC Helmet: $239.95
    Draggin Jeans (Classic): $188
    DriRider Gloves: $54
    DriRider Boots: $162

    The gear I bought was based more on what fit right rather than cost as my budget was not particularly limited. Points go to Bike Mart for getting me set up with what was right for me, rather than pushing the expensive stuff. Have to say I thought $1163 was pretty good for what is decent quality gear.

    Gotta say the Ixon jacket is great. Perfect fit, nice quality, reasonable price.

    Once I have my bike I'm hoping to find some other beginners - guys and girls - who'd like to ride together. I live in the inner-west of Melb. (v. close to the city) but have no problem travelling a bit to meet. Anyway, it's a little premature since I don't have the bike yet, but if you're interested in hooking up for some rides, drop me a message. I'll post something in the appropriate forum once I have the bike.

    Well, that's enough from me. I think this forum is fantastic - really helped educate me before I bought my gear and also a big help with choosing a bike.

  2. Welcome to the forum. I agree with you about Bikemart in Ringwood. The staff are super helpful and offer good advise. I am an old boy and have only been riding for 6 months. Love it and commute daily. The 30 bucks a week I now spend on fuel is much better than the 100 bucks worth that I used to spend filling the Ford. I actually look forward to going to work now.
  3. Hi, welcome to the forum.. Check out the Suzuki Bandit the queen has for sale.. which I think it's pretty similiar to the SPADA.. so, check it out..
  4. Welcome... ughboots

    One advice..

    Use your Dririder boots not your ugh boots when riding. :LOL:
  5. Went down and sorted my gear out today, find out about finance early next week, but for gear i picked up a
    HJC 'Pheonix' $400
    Draggin Cargos $210
    Apex Gloves $80
    Dririder Drimesh Jacket $300
    Dririder Nordic 4 boots $180

    All topped off with a new GPX250+orc for a total of $7k.

  6. hijack !
  7. Hiya Ugh.Welcome!

    Get yourself to HART / Stayupright / SMART /Armstrong etc rider skills courses as soon as you can. That will get you up the bike learning curve quicksmart so that your bike skills will match your 30something year old road sense.

    Nice rap for Bikemart by the way. :)