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Just saw an accident.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Happened about 30 minutes ago.

    Coming back to work from the Physio.

    Outside broadway, on the road that turns right into Elizabeth.

    At the front of the pack, so it's in neutral and I'm just looking around.

    Traffic coming the other way has slowed, 4wd slows down to not block traffic in case the lights change.

    4wd driver behind her doesn't slow down. Slams into the back at about 40 klicks. Nice loud bang. Front of 4wd all banged up.

    I wait for lights to change, go through, park and walk back to the driver of the first 4wd to give her my details in case she needs a witness.

    For some reason she thought the Australia Flag patch on my left arm on my jacket meant I was a cop. Told her no, I saw the accident, give me a pen and paper I'll give you my details in case you need a witness.

    Then I walked off, got on the illegally parked bike and went back to work.

    End of story so far...
  2. Good on you Kaer for offering to be a witness, it sounds like a given (I do the same) but it's amazing how many people don't want to get involved.

  3. You should have said yes when she asked if you were a cop . Then say , give me $100 and i'll turn my back so you can drive off , no questions asked.
  4. not everyone like you midnight

  5. Thats a good thing isn't it Craig :LOL: But alas , dont forget theres another midnight on the way . Today Werribee , tomorrow the world . \:D/
  6. You could have offered to show her your truncheon? Ok, ok....but I'm suprised no one else said it first.
  7. get her to blow in this :p :LOL: :LOL:
  8. maybe you should've searched her :p

    Good on you Kaer most people just drive past. I've been in an accident before where luckily someone stopped and gave me their datails. If it wasn't for the witness it would've cost me $800 and lost my rating. It's amazing how much bullshit some drivers come up with after an accident.