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just saw a bike under a car....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ajayvr, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. in bell street, just after the over pass in front of the first servo. it was in the right hand lane heading towards the freeway entrance. at first I thought a truck had run up the back of a car, but as i got past and took off i looked back and saw there was a bike completely under the front of the commodore. looked like a black cruiser type from what little i could see. no sign of the rider and police and ambo hadn't arrived, although i could hear the sirens coming. i really hope the rider was ok, because the bike definately wasn't!!!

  2. Shit.
    Hope the rider is okay.
    Hopefully everyone walks away.
  3. oh god not another newtons cradle crash... you get now warning and it generaly doeesnt go your way... Damn I hope the rider was knocked clear!
  4. Were you the bloke who rang 774's Jon Faine about it?
  5. no i wasn't, what did you hear?
  6. hope they are ok!
  7. did anyone hear what happened?
  8. I hope everyone is OK, don't like to hear when riders go down.