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Just saved myself $200 by making a phone call - car insurance.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. My car insurance renewal came in and frankly, I wasn't happy with what the renewal figure was - substantially higher than last year.

    So I rang them and asked for a requoute because the automatic renewal was going to drive me to another provider... whammo bammo, $200 less. Even if that's a little higher than what I might be able to find ringing around, it's only a little higher than last year (fair enough) and it saves me a bunch of time on the phone.

    So, moral of the story is, it pays to make a call... now only if I could do that with the rego that's due... owwwch.

    Just as an aside, it costs only a little more to insure my 2year old car than it does to insure my 10 year old bike that is a easily less than a quarter of the value. Just goes to show how many bikes must be falling over.

  2. Rob I honestly don't understand car insurance really. I appreciate we live in a society where costs do constantly increase, but every year my car gets one year older (funny that).

    Furthermore, on average every year I do around 15,000 kays in it. So it's one year older, plus those kays. That's some $$ depreciation right there. Plus every year I get older, so by their reasoning become a better driver. Yet every year my premium goes up. Go figure.
  3. They will leech of you more and more, thats how these managers continue to reach their KPI and profit targets.
  4. Offtopic but..what's with the auto linking to insurance company websites in this thread?
  5. I don't understand how they expected the hefty premium to fly. The girl said it had to do with all the natural disasters... so how did a requote save me $200?? Its a shonk.

    Devo, the answer is in site discussion somewhere.
  6. It's a joke.

    Have got a pretty decent membership deal with nrma so it payed me to check them for car insurance. Online quote for comprehensive was $50 LESS than third party, at a staggering $700 or so. Ended up with amii and at the expense of a higher excess, got third party to $200.