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Just put it down to the Latin temperament

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. The following release was issued today by the FIM..

    On Friday 24 June, during the MotoGP qualifying practice, Italian rider number 3 Massimiliano Biaggi rode in an irresponsible manner, causing danger to other riders, which is an infraction to article 1.21.2 of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations. For this infraction, the Race Direction has decided to penalize the rider with a fine of USD 5000.

    - During the same session, Massimiliano Biaggi made start practice on the track before the chequered flag (infraction to Art. 1.21.17). For this, the Race Direction has decided to inflict upon the rider a fine of USD 1000.

    - After the practice session, Mr Valerio Biaggi [Max Biaggi's uncle... Editor], holder of the pass nr I-1485, grabbed the rider nr 33 Marco Melandri by the throat, resulting in scratches. According to Art. (action prejudicial to the interests of the sport), the Race Direction has decided to withdraw the permanent pass of Mr Valerio Biaggi for the rest of the year.

    No appeal has been lodged.

    The decision of the Race Direction is final.

    It's tough at the top but you DO need to keep it together; sounds like Mr Biaggi is having a problem here...

  2. Latin temperament?? :shock: I would call it bad manners/attitude.. combined with arrogance :p :p :D
  3. Poor old Maxy-baby, Rossi is making him look like a hack and he can't take it. Maybe he should take his bat and ball and go home. Or maybe he and Damir Dokic can get together and have a commiseratory beer or two, sounds like they are kindred spirits.
  4. two piece fish anyone.... Go The Doctor
  5. 5000 is chicken feed for those guys.

    Give em a holiday.

    That will make them sit up and take notice............