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Just put down a deposit on an 06' GSXR1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Judge Geoffrey, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Found a deal I'm happy with, getting the free Yoshimura muffler and Motul product pack too. Had my eye on a black one but in the flesh I found the blue/white to be far sexier. :) Can't wait to do some riding around the ACT.

    Pick her up on Tuesday!

  2. bastard :p Great choice have fun
  3. have fun with your new purchase.....post some pics when you get her

    cheers stewy
  4. Enjoy,what a hot looking bike,hope you have loads of fun on it. :demon:
  5. Enjoy it, it will; be a blast. So you didn't want to opt for the bike in Melbourne?
  6. Rang them up this morning and it sold yesterday. I'm pretty happy though. Paying just under $18k on road for a brand new 06 and the Yoshi pipe. I rang 10 different dealers today, luckily the one that turned out to be cheapest was my local.

    On another note, I tried getting insurance with Shannons this afternoon. I'm 33, flawless driving record, rating 1. The bike is in a lock up garage at night and I live in Canberra.

    Guy from Shannon's response to me was: "Naaah, for a bike like that and in that type of area we aren't going to do much for you." I found this comment quite rude and annoying. I asked him if he could elaborate on "this type of bike" and "that type of area" (considering I never had a problem insuring litre bikes even when I lived in Redfern) and what is "we aren't going to do much for you" supposed to mean. The guys attitude didn't change and he wouldn't even give me a quote.

    Next I rang NRMA and got quoted $1675.
    AAMI: $1560

    Rang the Swann rep from the bike shop and told him my lowest quote, he reckons he can beat that with Swann.

    I bought a new 05 R1 at the end of 2004 and it cost me $1400 to insure while living in Redfern, Sydney. If the cheapest in Canberra for a bike of the same category is ~$1500 then I shudder to think how much it would be to insure the same bike in Sydney Metro these days.
  7. Tried WQBE for the insurance? I'll note that both NRMA and Swann actually are insurance australia (IAG) products, although they do have different premiums despite the same underwriters...

    Shannons are funny. Some people have great experiences, and some don't. I have a classic car with them, they love it, but don't think a 24 year old should have a new Ducati, so they didn't want to insure me. WQBE was cheapest for both my old GSXR750 and current beast in Canberra, although Swann were cheaper in Tassie.
  8. ouch, thats a lot of insurance.....:shock:
  9. Friend of mine bought the black earlier this year, and if his reports are anything to go by, youre gunna love running this baby in cause she is quick :grin:

    Cant help you about your insurance except have you tried QBE for another comparision ?
  10. Also try Arista...
  11. QBE qutoed me $5500 for the R6.
    Shannons wouldnt touch me.
    Swann quoted $7500.
    AAMI quoted $1800.

    20 yo male, categeaory 6 bike (sports), never had full comp before.

    Enjoy your bike mate, im thinking of getting a litre bike next year. keep the 6' for commuting.
  12. Enjoy your new purchase :)
  13. Between now and Tuesday is very long long time. :wink:
  14. Probably a good thing considering the double demerit points this weekend. :)
  15. Nice choice. Enjoy it when you get it, and good luck with the insurance. I'm restricted at the moment but I'm very curious about what insurance will cost me a newish 600 or 1000 sports bike when i upgrade.
  16. If you're very curious then just ring up someone and get a quote!
  17. Hey you're gunna love it man!

    The mods that I have done to mine are...

    16t front sprocket.
    Modded front brake m/cylinder so can angle levers down.
    Lowered bars a touch so they can be swung outwards.
    Blocked exhaust port air injector passages (for dyno use).
    Removed exhaust valve (snipped ECU wire for dash warning).
    4mm shim in top shock mount.
    520 chain & sprockets.
    Renthall race grips.
    Bridgestone 002 race tyres.

    I tried a TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) but although many swear by them, I didn't think it worked, I'll sell it to you for $80, cost me $200!

    I have pinging at low rpm/part throttle, bike runs/sounds best on Shell, 10% Ethenol, Optimax Extreme, 100 octane.

    You'll get heaps of mods/idea's from www.gixxer.com
  18. Cheers mate. What fender eliminator are you using?
  19. Fender eliminators?!!! When it's in race mode, there isn't anything there, on the street I am happy with the number-plate moved up as high as it will go and the rear mudguard trimmed off flush with the bottom of the plate.

    There are so many stick-biters getting around with fender elimiators, it isn't cool anymore :wink:
  20. Congrats on the purchase!, hope you have plenty of fun on the new bike. :grin: