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Just purchased an 07 R6...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thegutterpoet, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. After my beloved 99 r6 was painfully stolen earlier this last week, I found the only remedy for my ghastly malaise was to focus all my energies into a mission to find a new two wheeled steed.

    A quick note on the 99 r6...I bought the beast from a dodgy character for $AU5k 4 years ago. It was love at first turn of the throttle. Very few problems over the four years we were together. Cam chain tensioner. carbs rebalanced. other than which, nothing major. I rode it through hell and high water. Never found it lacking power anywhere in the range. I miss it already...and hope those who took it have been thrown from the saddle. It was not long ago when my mechanic told me that whilst balancing the carbs his smart tool also showed leakage; he had recorded on his iPhone the graphic equalizer style bars. He showed me, told me that a healthy engine stays in the green, a engine in need of attention moves into the amber, and a ****ed engine goes into the red. Mine was all over the red...Still not sure to this day what the likely issue was, yet he told me that it was probably worth more than the bike to have whatever problem is responsible fixed. My heart sank a little, but he smiled and said...
    'dont worry, its an old whore but still a weapon on the road'.

    My plan was to ride it until it died a natural death. Yet that wasn't to be.

    So now I have found and purchased today a 2007 r6 V model, with 22k on the clock, looks beautiful, comes with a bunch of receipts, all possible documentation. And seems to have been well loved and well looked after.

    The test ride was...odd. Yesterday I had tried a 2007 gsxr600 and found it horrid. The thing felt stiff, so upright, and I concluded that had I been standing and shifted it into neutral, I could probably have given it a push and it would stay officiously upright before falling, without the front forks turning in the slightest. Which I didn't like and was not at all what I found with my r6.

    The exhaust was after-market. And maybe it was the sound which affected my perceptions, but it felt like the power was nothing until 4-5000rpm, when it came on strong.

    So today, trying the 07 r6, I was a little bothered to find a similar feel with the power, yet the turning and agility were far better than the gsxr. I took it. Yet hesitance remains regarding the clutch grab and low down power.

    Surely I am mistaken? For whilst I am certain the power comes on stronger and more fierce when moving through the rev range. However, the clutch didnt want to grab as quickly as I am used to. Is this adjustable on the 07 r6?

    What can I expect from my new 07 r6? Can I adjust the grab of the clutch?
  2. If your referring to at what position the clutch lever is when it starts to grab then it should have some sort of dial on the lever that u turn to adjust it. Try it on a few settings and find out which u prefer better. I found a similar thing with my 05 r6 as far as no power until 5k. That's just typical 600cc bikes. That's why I ride a 1000 with lowered gearing.
  3. R6's are known for no low down power and all top end. In all the comparisons on the Internet they are always one of the better track bike because that's what they were made for. Flat out racing. And they rated the lowest for street comfort and ride-ability. If your unhappy with no bottom end you may have to look into different gearing. Otherwise. Just have to Rev it's head off. That's why I bought a 750. Plenty low down. Good luck
  4. Put some proper sprockets on it, sports bikes are all geared too tall from the factory. At least drop one tooth off the front, will make it much nicer to live with.

    But as above, at the end of the say supersport bikes really belong on the racetrack, as they only make power when they are absolutely singing, and the 06+ R6 is the worst of the lot in this regard
  5. I will play with the clutch lever when I collect the beast tomorrow. I just vaguely recall reading something about the clutch on this particular model...

    Having ridden the 99' R6 for the last four years and absolutely loved every second of that relationship, I'm quite sure I will enjoy the modern incarnation. I love the agility of the supersport bikes, the way they can be thrown into corners, dive in and out of spaces and are so damn light!

    I never found the 99 r6 particularly uncomfortable and always found it exciting.
  6. Enjoy the new Bike mate, post pics when you get a chance :)