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Just plain rude I tells ya!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Bungle, May 30, 2008.

  1. [Rant On] Coming home on the Westgate/Monash fwy's last night and being faced with cars at a standstill and more trucks than I've seen in a long time, I thought I'd get off at Toorak Rd and go home that way rather than battle it out on the freeway. All going well and frustration levels starting to die down. Find myself following a guy on a KLR for a while and we come to a red light. We were in the far left hand lane with him at front and me behind, leaving a gap between us so we both have some room. Next thing I know a girl on a scooter comes up my inside (in a left hand turn lane) and sits right in front of me!

    Before I can get out a "What the hell are you doing??" the lights go green and she takes off at a speed that even grandma would consider slow and then moves into the middle lane at which point I pass her.

    Does anyone else see this as plain rude or am I over reacting?
    [Rant Off]

  2. nope thats plain farking rudeness...ya should of given her a push along as you went by :LOL:
  3. it was very very tempting, but I don't think it could go any faster!
  4. Yeah that is bad form.
    First up if there is a bike already up the front you give them the chance to get off the line first (If they don’t then go past em and get some clear road)
    Secondly, if you pull up to the front then you bloody get off the line fast and don’t hold up any one behind you. (Car or Bike)
    [EDIT]Did her butt look cute?[/EDIT]
  5. :popcorn:
  6. I see similar behaviour regularly of late. Dumb scooter behaviour ranging from driving on the freeway at 80 (because it's the fastest they'll go) on a scoot that isn't allowed to be ridden there. To lane splitting behaviour as displayed above.
    Given most of said retards don't wear any safety gear other than a helmet and a pair of fashion gloves, I think on a long enough time line they'll learn a hard lesson.
  7. Part of the problem, though, is where do they learn? If you don't understand basic courtesy and etiquette, and if you see lots of other scooter riders doing stupid stuff, isn't it likely to be a self-reinforcing problem? And given that most either didn't need to do a license test at all, or the license test doesn't give anything on roadcraft and road manners... you see the problem.
  8. The story is from Melbourne so the scooter rider will have done the same training as a motorbike rider.
    But let’s face it, splitting/filtering is frowned upon anyhow so they are not going to be teaching etiquette to do with it.
    I would have thought common sense would cover it… but then again… it aint that common
  9. :LOL: bit too dark to see properly!

    I must say that she was fairly well kitted out - she did have a scarf on and we all know how many injuries scarves have prevented over the years :wink:
  10. I hate scooters with a passion!
  11. Yeah the ones I see are all fairly well knitted out too. Scarfs, nanna jackets, I'm sure they were made with carbon fibres though. They wouldn't be THAT stupid... :p
  12. :LOL:
  13. That is rude!

    A few nights ago after leaving work, Stealth and I were splitting up to the front of the line and in front of us were two bikes and there was a bike behind me. The two bikes at the front got to the lights and stopped IN THE MIDDLE! They blocked four bikes (including Stealth and I) from being able to get to the front even though they had heaps of room. One of the guys at the front put his bike in neutral and just casually sat there while all four bikes waited in anger. :evil: Now that is rude!
  14. Yep that is rude.
    Blocking the split and not letting other bikes out is really bad form.
    I have found that just politely saying “excuse me, can you move over so I can move forward’ is quite effective. Most people are just to brain dead to think about it, not being intentionally rude.
  15. +1, for myself, sometimes at minor intersections (don't try to venture too far over the line), I forget to glance at the rear view mirror and accidentally blocked a guy/gal in. It's easy to do if you don't realise you're doing it.
  16. Loud pipes are handy in this kind of situation...
  17. not all scooter riders are kamakazi...

    Carbon fibre knuckled gloves, full protection padded jacket are the garb of choice for me
    I have to invest in some decent pants, but at the least I am wearing heavy denim, sometimes 2 layers

    I admit I dont lane split, but that is my choice, but I always give way to other riders if they want the front position... unless they are rude and try to force their way thru..

    it doesnt have to be a them and us situation between two wheel riders, the them and us should be between cars & trucks and us.

    but I will admit when I first started riding a scoot it always amazed me when I got the nod from motorbike rider, actually it generally shocked me enuff that I forgot to nod back!

    now I am used to other riders being courteous even if I do ride a scoot :)
  18. I wouldn't even attempt to lane split on that pw50 of yours, either. imo, thats rude, if you're going to pull to the front you need to atleast hit the gas and get out of the way, something the cbr125 isn't capable of.
  19. Too right. General etiquette I would think is that if you split up to a bike that is already at the front of the line, you let them go first. And if you are going to go up the front, move off quick sticks (without being stupid) when the lights change.
  20. The beauty of panniers, just lean teh bike over so said scoot rider can't get past.

    Regards, Andrew.