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Just picked up my first Bike! xvs650 Custom

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jimmy_g, May 12, 2010.

  1. Just picked up my new pride and joy! 2010 XVS650 Custom.

    Did a 2 day Learners course finishing yesterday, so very new to the biking world!

    Put on a aftermarket exhaust, looks great but might be a tad loud (eg my ear drums a vibrating 8-[)... especially for a Learner.

    Just had to ride it from one side of Melbounre CBD to the other... a little scary for the first ever ride! Couple of stalls but no biggies haha

    Looking forward to getting out on the open road.

    STOKED!! Cant wipe the smile off my face.

    Couple of little picies :D

  2. Nice bike Jimmy and welcome to the 2 wheeled world. The pipes suit the bike very well too.
  3. Welcome Jimmy, Like the bike, you have the motorcyclist's grin now, something those lesser mortals don't understand ;)

    Hope we catch you on one of Uncosnails Sunday Learner Rides
  4. You Lucky SOB... Brand New bike as a first ... as for that very nice lookn little cruiser ... go easy on her! :eek:hno:
  5. Will head out on one of those Sunday rides very soon. Possiblly the one after next. I have taken Friday off work to go for a bit of a cruise and get the skils up a little. Lets pray for some nice weather!
  6. thats one big MF lol ;-)
  7. very nice bike, congrats!!
  8. Cool bike...
    Although sports tourer are my choice, I've always liked the Yamaha cruisers.
    There are two other netriders I know of that ride white Yamaha cruisers and I'd say both are very happy with them.....

    Looking forward to seeing it on a ride.
  9. Awesome ride mate! Pipes look good.
    Keep grinnin!

    Catch you out there.

    I've got a white classic.
  10. Nice bike there Jimmy. The pipes look good.
  11. Noticed you said you ride into town often...
    If those pipes are as loud as you say, steer clear of Elizabeth St due to a noise camera somwhere there which I think is there permanently.....
    Others here have fallen victim to it....

    They look great though!!!
  12. Thanks for the tip! I purchuased the bike from Yamaha City on Eliz St and he didnt mention anything, but i will be careful. Lucky I work on the other side of town on Collins.

    I just took the bike for a bit of a spin, seriously one of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt! The exhaust is stupidly loud, I will be sure to put in some baffles. Fun for a little bit and sound amazing but it would be a matter of time before EPA is on to it.

    Cant wait to get out on a cruise, I dont have any mates that ride :(
  13. Very noice looking ride, and big pluss's on the pipes, but tell me, ain't you a little young for a cruiser, not that I'm complaining mind you, the more folk that come over to the dark side the better... hope to see and HEAR you around some time.....

    p.s. you will eventually find that sweet spot where the revs and the gear combination are just right and you can hear the pipes sing. you'll know when it happens by the slight stain in your grundies.

    stay safe
  14. Haha is there such thing as too young for a cruiser? In fact this bike was a nice little birthday present to myself. 25 tomorrow.
    Friends and colleges were very surprised I turned up on a cruiser rather than a sports bike. Personally I love them, the feel, the sound and the look. I'm big into Hot Rods, Rats etc so I think a bobbed out cruiser is a natural selection!

    Do we have many 'younger' members on cruisers?
  15. very cool cruiser, try some ear plugs!
  16. Congrats on the new bike & the 'L'aughing plates!!!
    Looks great (y)

  17. Looks like my Girl's noisy twin sister. Congratulations Dude!
    What pipes is she wearing?
  18. Looks the goods Jimmy have to agree the pipes really look the part, now just make sure you go easy whilst getting a few k's under your belt
  19. Its amazing how much the pipes change the look of the bike! Im really pleased with them. The pipes are www.roadhousebrand.com, I got them through the dealer as they had another 650 there waiting to be picked up with the same pipes on and sounded great.
  20. I must say, those pipes fit your bike like a perfect marriage....
    The different color on the end look amazing.