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Just Picked up a CT110 - Can't find neutral (and other stupid questions...)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hey Gang,

    Well I've been on here for some time now and been through many bikes. Sold my last bike about a year ago due to family commitments but yesterday got an email out of the blue from a friend of mine saying:

    "I've got a registered 2006 CT100 with 26,000km. Intermittent gear problem. Pick it up from the motorbike shop where it's getting a service for $300 if you want it."

    Well hey why not! So I got on the train today and picked it up. I'd ridden one once before and they are a lot of fun. I mean it is no DRZ400SM but hey, its got kook and I'm sure would be fine for riding (but not on Princes HWY today which was frightening!)

    Anyway so here's the problem. First 20 minutes were fine. After that I had a couple of instances of riding along, then all of a sudden bike sounds like I've pulled the clutch in. (False Neutral?) And then needs many a kick and flip of gear lever to find a gear somewhere to keep going. Incredibly hard to put into 1st gear (well I had to take off in 2nd and do the Fred Flintstone so I would keep up with traffic on every red light.

    Just this minute pulled into work. Turned it off. And can't start it again because, well it's in gear and when I go all the way down I can't find neutral. Trying to kickstart of course makes the bike lurch forward because its in gear.

    I am a total noob to CT100 and have bought on a whim as a xmas project, so here are my questions:

    Any idea on normality of the problem and possible part needed?

    Any idea how to start it or tips on how I can get it back into neautral? (The bike shop where I picked it up had it in neutral when they gave it to me and they couldn't fault the bike when testing it. But my friend didn't want to sell knowing there was a problem hence the sale price)

    Is there a good local resource for CT100 fans?

    Thanks a lot guys! Hopefully I guess a response in time to get home today! Cheers.
  2. Have a look here mate.
  3. I didn't find any joy at that link.

    Though I did just work out a way to start it by putting it up on the middle stand and then kicking it over.

    So now just need to find out about being stuck in gear and how to get it into neutral.
  4. If it had a normal, manual clutch I'd say that those were symptoms of the clutch dragging. I don't know if Honda's centrifugal clutch can stick in engagement. I owned several but none ever malfunctioned, however generally tired and neglected the bike.
  5. There's a little star shaped gear selector that can have teeth break from it and cause gear selection problems. It's been a few years since I have been in the guts of one so I can't say with any certainty that it is your problem. It's behind and above the clutch from memory.
  6. Deleted... failed to read OP properly.
  7. Check the oil level. Also check the gear lever for play or loose fit.

    Also, its quite possible to kick over a CT110 in gear - simply select first and give a short, sharp kick downwards. Takes a while to get the hang of it but its certainly doable. I'm an ex-postie and did it all the time!

    You may want to check the chain tension is within limits, too, as too tight can cause selection problems.

    If it isn't any of these I'd take it back to the service department and say they must have done something because the bike isn't riding right!

    Cheers - boingk
  8. Thanks guys. Appears it was a broken bolt inside the engine on the gear selector.
  9. There are a few tricks with the gearbox. If you're having trouble finding gears when it false-neutrals on you mid-ride don't close the throttle completely, having a few revs can help it to get back in gear.

    And while I haven't tried this, you might be able to start it in first by holding the gear lever down as you kick. This effectively disengages the clutch, you can use it to coast to lights or try really hard to pop a wheelie. (helps if the back of the bike is loaded up with... something)
  10. Yeah you can wheelie these... but its definitely not going up because of the sheer power! Loved giving people a chuckle by doing the odd wheelie and generally cutting my own route through traffic when I used to be a postie haha.

    Cheers - boingk