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Just picked my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by damien, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    So I picked up my first bike over the weekend (after getting my L's on Saturday) and am loving riding already! Having said that, I had planned to ride the bike home after picking it up (Beaumaris to Pakenham) but after a short 15 mins and of fumbling through the gear changes, three false starts and a P plate driver pulling out of a parallel car park to do a U-turn as if I didn't exist, I made the call to get a trailer and kick off our bonding at home in more familiar ground.

    Happy to say that now i've had a couple of rides I'm feeling very comfortable with the bike and we seem to be getting along well (although getting air in the tyres was a challenge!).

    Finding traffic a bit daunting still (if i'm honest). Been driving for 13 years but the bike brings back those newbie gitters I remember having when I first got behind a wheel. I'm confident that will ease somewhat after a couple more rides and will soon be on my first commute!

    In the meantime, I would love to hear from some members about their first rides!
  2. First ride...

    Wobbled out of the driveway. Couldn't get my head around the gears. Kept stalling. Or I'd change the wrong gear, forget to balance and almost stack. Finally got up to what I thought was the speed limit, looked down [in a 60 zone] doing 35. Shit myself, went home.

    Suffice to say, I'm a much better rider now!
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  3. As Rufus said at the end of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", "They do get better".....
  4. Went straight down my driveway across the road and up the neighbour's nature strip. Needless to say it's funny now lol. Keep.up the practise
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  5. 1st ride: wobbled out of the driveway, around some local streets, wobbled back. Felt like this could work with practice.
    2nd ride: out of the driveway a little steadier. Local streets again. Almost feeling confident! Skidded on driveway on the way back in, went down, took out the post box and landed in a shrubbery

    That was back in July. Have done 8500km since, and am loving riding. It gets easier!
  6. Hehehehe, took out the post box. Someone would have been popular :p
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  7. Wow these stories are getting good. It is nice to hear about the first experiences and see that its common to take a bit to find your feet. Thanks for the stories and would love to hear some more as I think it can be nice for some newbies like me to see (plus a good place to remenisce for some of the more experienced).

    As for me, went on two more short rides tonight and feeling much more confident. Practiced lane positioning, gear changes and riding with medium traffic. Feeling good.

    Thanks for the support.
  8. Went straight from the Transport department to then riding out of the dealership and off home in peak hour traffic on my brand new bike. Only about a 15km trip but shit myself most of the way cos the 500 had quite a bit more power than the 125 I spent two days learning on plus it was mine.....by the time I got home I was pumped and realised I could probably handle riding anywhere if I was sensible until I got more confident
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  9. I just went on a very nice, very slow, leisurely cruise around and around my suburb.
    It felt like I was out for 10 minutes... I was out for over an hour! (Did this a couple more times during that day.)
    I also was forced to get fuel from the servo, which was on the other side of a very busy intersection, that was a little daunting but once I did it.. it felt like no biggie at all.

    Second day on the bike: (feeling.. probably over confident..) I went over the Westgate into Williamstown, then back over, and decided to try out going in the city. (I was probably silly to attempt this)
    I more than survived however, I even did my first cheeky filter down King st. It was a huge confidence booster.

    I have since controlled myself to not push my limits and kept a rule of going 70% of my ability as best I can.
    I just hope to keep it shiny side up for as long as I can.

    Stay frosty.
  10. I think that was probably the smartest move.

    1st Ride - back then repairable write-offs were still legal and I had to get my bike about 1km around the block to get a blue slip. I checked both sides of the road before leaving my driveway like 4 times and made sure I was in gear before I slowly pulled out. After about 20 mitres; just like AngieW I felt I must of been doing the limit only to look down and see "40kms..".
    Now I look back and laugh =D
  11. I got my bike delivered as I was so nervous of riding it the first time.
    First ride, which was only 5 weeks ago, I sat in garage for a good 20 mins, all geared up, trying to breath normally, convincing myself that it'll be fine before having the courage to actually ride it. Then took a mammoth of courage to ride it up the basement ramp. I took it to back streets for a 4km ride around the block (this was like at 11pm!) My biker friend thought it was funny that I felt so pumped up after only a 4kms but it took a lot of energy. I feel much confident after 2-3 late night practises.
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  12. Day 1 - Got my bike (Honda vt 250 spada)from the dealer and rode her home in the rain taking little detours to get used to it, nothing went wrong and I felt 100% confident and happy. Got home and slipped while slowly doggy paddling up a super slippery drive way, bent clutch pedal and no other damage.

    Day 2 - went for a ride on a perfect sunny day and found an empty rode that had a long stretch with a 100kph limit and gunned it from Zero, thought I was fast as lightning and that anyone who wanted more power out of a bike was insane. The times of certainly changed since then.
  13. Mine was a hand-me-down from my brother so I got to take my first ride on familiar streets. Took some getting used to though - my L's course bike was a 125cc 2-stroke dirt bike, so the 250cc single-cylinder cruiser was a bit of a tank by comparison

    I'll never forget the look on my brother's face as I rode off on his steed, a weird mixture of brotherly pride and sheer terror that either I and/or his bike were gonna come home mangled. Not sure which he was more worried about, and I'm not convinced he'd have told me the truth if I'd asked.
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  14. Got license on sunday. Picked up the bike on monday. Had riden on farms but never on the road before and didn't know the area where the dealer was. I was super fortunate to have a mate who met me at the dealership to ride around with for a bit. He just sat behind me and followed wherever I went and it was a real confidence boost.

    And ofcourse, that first time when you park up on the footpath, remove helmet, and leisurely strutt to the nearest cafe table, sit down and stare at your new pride and joy.... thenrunbacktothebikeandgrabthekeysfromtheignition :)

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  15. First ride... Forget to turn on fuel...
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  16. First ride, on a dirt bike this is when I was 14, thought I was a red bull enduro racer and ended up tangled in a barbed wire fence. Wearing shorts and a tshirt. Needless to say since then I've made sure to be careful, especially riding down rural back roads. >:O