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Just past my L's, but which Kawasaki ninja do i buy?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pistonie, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    i now have my L's, and i have been researching bikes for a while, and i really want a good new bike to begin with, so i have decided on 2 bikes:
    kawasaki ninja 250r or 650RL

    now the difference is about $3000, but that is not the issue.
    do i get the 250 as its less powerful, lighter and a slightly smaller bike and good to learn on?
    or do i get the 650 with its ABS, more power, supposedly more comfy to ride and all the little extras like digital dash

    the reason why i ask is the dealer outright said the 650, but im not too sure if thats cause he genuinely thinks that its a better bike, or cause its an easy sale with possibly more profit for him...

    the reason why i like these bikes are for their upright rider positions, reliability, and stunning good looks:p

    any suggestions would be nice...
  2. If money isn't the issue, go the larger bike...
    Remember the 650 is restricted but if you're ok with that, go for it.
    I'd say you'll have no problem getting used to the larger size bike and you'd only notice the difference as a new rider and when sitting on each in the showroom.
    Once you own it, you'll probably adapt quickly.

    Good luck with whatever you buy.
  3. Go the larger of the two for sure.
  4. larger. everyone loves a little more cushin' for the pushin' ;)
  5. Yeah, I concur. The larger sounds like it might be a bit safer. Apart from the safety aspects of more power, it will have better brakes.
  6. I lold at the thread title, but now I see what you are on about.

    DONT BUY THE 250. You will get bored quickly. Nobody gets bitches with an angry beehive bike. You want the bitches, get the 650. Or a bigger dick, whichever is cheapest (y)
  7. If it would my choice, I would go the 650 nl personally. and then rip out the screw stopping the throttle
  8. in reply to Brmmm, what do u mean the safety aspects of more power?

    and i know the 650RL is restricted, and many people say the restrictions is limited by a screw in the throttle, but is it just as simple as removing the screw going to unrestrict it?? ??

    i asked the guy at the dealership if i can unrestrict it, and he said plain and simply, no.... but then again, he wasnt too helpful in comparing the 2 bikes for me, i felt like he was trying to brush me off as someone who is just browsing for the sake of it....
  9. Unrestricting the bike is not as simple as you would think.
    With efi systems its programed into the ecu which needs to be reprogramed.
    Have heard of people ordering ecu from overseas and swapping but don't know of anyone who's actually done it.

    Of course then legally you would need to re register the bike and have heard costs of up to $2000 by the time it's all done.
    Then a bike cannot be restricted again once unrestricted which could affect selling a bike that's supposed to be lams.
    Personally, unless you're happy with a lams bike, I'd go for a non restricted bike of 400-500cc.
    It's up to you really which way you want to go.

    Good luck
  10. Buy the bigger one, but do not buy the bike from that dealership. They sound like complete wanks!
  11. I'll go against the grain and suggest the 250. Do a few riding courses and learn to ride it properly then look at a 600.
  12. I'll go way against the grain and suggest NEITHER! :-O

    Spend less and buy a GS500 or a 250 like twistngo has recommended. Learn to ride on them and when you're off your restrictions you can get a proper 70-100+kW 600 instead of a heavy underpowered 650cc.
  13. ^^ this

    then again, i vote it's your bike, you decide what you want. i love the zx's, but personally i can't stand the new zx2 or lams 650 whateverthefkitscalled ao i won't recommend either
  14. I'll go against the grain also.
    I had the use of a 250 Ninja after my 650 cruiser got wiped off. The cruiser definately had more all out grunt, but for sheer grin factor, the Baby Ninja had it beat hands down. Just so light & nimble.
    I'd definately go with the 250 & upgrade to the 650 unrestricted later as after a while the 650RL just won't have enough grunt for you and you will want to upgrade anyway.
  15. I was faced with the same decision over the last few weeks. Points you may want to consider are:

    * What is your body size / weight? I'm 93 kgs, so adding to a smaller / lighter bike will have a greater effect on the power-to-weight ratio.

    * What type of riding are you aiming to do? It's my understanding that a larger torquer engine (even with the throttle restriction of the 650cc) will suit "touring" better than a smaller high-revving engine. (For city commuting possibly the lighter bike may provide some advantages.)

    * Emergency Braking - The ABS on the 650cc was one of the major deciding factors for me. If I was an experienced rider or trainer / instructor who practices emergency braking regular perhaps ABS won't be such a large issue, but as a learner living in Melbourne winters I think it's a good safety net to have - hopefully I will never have to use it !!!

    If you are OK with the look of a Naked Bike you may want to consider the Honda CB400 - it have ABS (option), no throttle restriction, and I very good power-to-weight ratio. If Honda offered the same bike with flared guards that would have been my 1st bike, but I just can't get over the Naked Bike look.

    I REALLY love the Ninja 650RL style !!! So I obtained my "L's" on Wednesday, and paid my deposit on Thursday morning. Now I wait excitedly for my first ride and to park it in my garage !!!

    Good luck with your decision !!!

    PS - private message me if you would like the contact details of 2 very helpful Melbourne based Kawasaki sales people whom I have meant during the buying process. I spent 4 weeks and several visits before making my decision.
  16. I see your points,,,, But!
    I'm around 80kg & the 250 is gangs of fun!
    Unco rode this bike (250) on a 5 day 2500km ride with no problems (& better fuel economy than the rest of us!)
    Dont' rely on ABS! you can still lock up a wheel in a panic or hitting an oily patch. It just takes more pressure. I've got a Z1000 & even the owners manual tells you that.

    P.S. Congrats RoamingAussie!!
  17. thanks for all the info guys..

    toadcat has now given me the GS500 to think about. Although it doesnt look as good as the ninjas (IMO), it seems reliable, and with double the CC's as the 250r, and cheaper than the restricted 650RL, seems like a good option.

    p.s keep the opinions coming:)
  18. i LOVE the gs500
  19. Have a look at the GS500f. It's the same as the GS500 but has fairings if you're into that.

    Have you looked at motards? They're the quickest things you can get on your L's bar none and if you drop it it will barely cause damage.

    Here's a few:

  20. the ecu might be retarded slightly, I don't know, but the main restriction is the throttle stop. All it takes is a particular screw driver. And given that I'd guess its easily re-restrictable. And considering all that been done is a screw removed, officially restricited unofficially unrestricted shouldn't be to hard to manage.