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Just passed the MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmmy, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I have been reading bits and pieces on this forum for awhile and thought I'd put a post up.

    I did the MOST test on Saturday and passed without losing any points.
    I was a little bit worried as I was having trouble when practising during the morning before the test. I was even more worried when the two riders before me both failed on the very first segment of the test. IE cone weave.

    I also managed to impress the everyone when I did a massive stopee on the quick stop test. The guy thought I did it on purpose until he saw my eyes afterwards which were the size of dinner plates.

    Anyway, I found some very useful info on this site that helped me before my test.



  2. Hey jimmmy

    Congratz on the pass mate, what part did you find hardest and which did you find easiest during the course?

    Also, welcome to the forum, once you enter, you cannot leave!
  3. Congrats Jimmmy, a stoppie eh? Nice one :LOL: Welcome to the forum dude :grin:
  4. Mate

    it is kinda funny. I practised during the morning and was hitting the witches hats fairly often and I have always struggled with the U-turn which is 5.5m in the ACT. However all the segments went by pretty easily and it was all over so quick. The guy running it told me I was going 29k when I did the quick stop which is probably why I did a stopee. I think I was going about the same speed when I did the obstacle avoidance test and just missed the tennis ball.

    Anyway nothing was hard at all during the actual test and I think the fella running it took a pretty relaxed attitude to it all. Didn't care about the tight turn before the stop in the box nor did he seem to care about head checks.


  5. hey Pete, yeah a stoppie. Probably the MOST is not the best place to do one but the instructors and other students on all the different courses seemed entertained by it. :)

    The guys after me almost got taken out by a roo during his test. The thing just came bounding out of the scrub, hit the pavement, tried to stop, slid about 10m on its arse and then took off again.

    interesting arvo had by all. :)


  6. WTF??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Congrats on the pass mate :)


    :)rofl: some more)
  7. cheers mate
  8. If only these tests were as eventful up here in Sydney!

    Forgot to ask, what bike did you do it on champ?
  9. yeah, just realised I should have mentioned this.
    It was on a 2001 VTR 250.
    Funny thing is one of the guys in my group is brother in law to the chick I bought the bike from. Small world. :)


  10. Hey Jimmmy with 3 m's, welcome and congrat's on the pass :grin:

    Stoopid question ~ what's MOST stand for?

  11. Motorcycle Operator Skill Test.
  12. Aaaaah *nods wisely*

    Thanking you, mattym :grin:
  13. Good job James. :cool: