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Just passed my L's in NSW. Now where to?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wolverine001, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    I'm a Jube from the Central Coast of NSW. I passed my pre learner and DKT yesterday and I couldnt b happier. I've never riden a road bike as I grew up on dirt bikes on a property so I'm keen to get out there but.... What to do first?

    Naturally I'll need to decide on bike, but what 1???

    I want to ride a cruiser but should I start on something like a Honda VTR250 until I pass my pre provisionall and MOST. If I get a cruiser I was looking at a Yamaha VStar 250 or a Suzuki Intruder 250. What are your thoughts people??? Would I b at a disadvantage on a cruiser?

    Help me out, like I said, I'm a Jube and have no clue.
  2. If the v-star is the style you are after then go straight to that. If you are hetrosexual, go the Suzuki.

    These cruisers are well suited to learners because the low slung seet and unchallanging power curve are good for noobs.

    They are pretty gutless, however.

    I think the 650 v-star is LAMS approved in NSW, so keep that in mind. It would be a better option for country-b road and motorway riding and coming from the central coast, you are going to see more of that than a city rider.
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  3. Welcome to NR.

    Smaller cruisers are generally okay on the MOST, with low centre of gravity and forgiving ergos. The downside is the long-ish wheelbase, which can make them a bit cumbersome on the slalom. That said, I did mine on a 250 Marauder and my mate on a 250 Virago and neither of us had any trouble with it.

    +1 on the 650 V-Star - won't be as easy to do MOST (longer wheelbase again) but a more realistic mid-term option to serve out your whole restrictions period and even beyond.
  4. Thanks lads. I'll be checking out the 650 V Star for sure. What about the hyosung Aquila GV650? Someone told me to stay away from Korean, unless it's a BBQ. Do they even compare?
  5. New Hyo's are not so bad, older ones are worth steering clear of. If it was my money I'd be buying the Yammy.

    Also, if you want/need any pointers with your riding there's a few of us who volunteer for mentoring sessions. There's a thread with names and locations etc.
  6. Thanks Womble. Are those Mentors on the Coast?
  7. I am.
    Edit - Check out the Homebush thread for MOST practice, OzYodaOzYoda does a far better job than me. He teaches people how to pass the MOST, I just show people how to sit on and control their bike and not throw themselves off the road.
  8. Yeah roger that, I've seen that post, I'll definately head on down when I've sorted my bike. Thanks for your help.