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Just paid $1050 for a leather suit.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mick No:8, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. When I first got my bike I thought it would be cheap but so far I spent abit of money on gears.
    Dainese Bora jacket = 700(Aus)
    Dainese Delta pants = 350 (Aus)
    Alpinestar boots = 150 (Aus)
    Alpinestar 3/4 gloves = 90 (Aus)
    KBC airbounre helmet = 300 (Aus)
    Confident and fun on my bike pricless
    How much have you guys spent on bike gear?

  2. Jacket 300, boots 200, helmet 300, gloves 120, draggins 200

    Spending a grand on leathers soon.
  3. I spent 400 on helmet, 200 on a pair of draggins, 140 on 1 pair of gloves, 70 on the 2nd pair of gloves, 400 on 1 jacket, 500 on 2nd jacket, and $100 on a rjays rainsuit.

    The reason i have 2 jackets and 2 gloves is because i have one set for winter, adn one for summer, althouhg i exchange both on random days, and when they are gettin' a but whiffy.

    Total of just over $1800.

    But i have to get another pair of kevlar jeans, and a pair of boots.

  4. Helmet $550
    Tank Top $15
    3/4 Pants $80
    I can't remember how much my skate shoes cost.
  5. 500 on second hand leather dainese jacket (basically new)
    270 for helmet on sale (was 440) *
    190 for first pair draggins *
    155 for dainese gloves *
    300 for boots
    215 for second pair of draggins *

    edit 35 for tinted visor

    1630 +35 = 1665

    note items with * i got from peter stevens where my bro and i get a little discount

    next items
    summer jacket ~ 320
    back protector ~ 150
    summer gloves possibly

    its expensive but wouldn't be without it
  6. Helmet - $260 (plus $80 for chrome visor)
    Jacket - $360
    Gloves - $80
    and now I'm buying boots (I know.. I know... I haven't bought them yet!!!) around $300 and hopefully a leather suit too.
    Will see! :wink:
  7. I reckon for all my gear over 2K which is a lot considering the half share I went in my bike.
  8. Octane Jacket 200
    Gloves 75 & 80 ( winter/summer )
    Rossi Boots 210
    Draggins 220
    Shoei Helmet 500
    Winter Textile Pants 150

  9. 1 pce race suit $2000
    Dianese gloves $300
    Back protector $300
    Puma race boots $600
    Attitude $free
  10. Arai helmet $300 (old stock, scratched from MCAS)
    Firstgear mesh gloves $20 (from USA)
    Alpinestars Magnum leather jacket, CE-approved back insert, Icon knee armour, Oxtar Airtech boots all $710 from the USA :grin:

    Now all I need is a pair of draggins!
  11. KBC-$300
    Shoei- $500
    Visors- $200 (4visors)
    Suomy jacket - $350
    Leather suit- $800
    Back protector $300
    Boots- $350
    Boots2 $500
    Gloves $300 (3pairs)

    TOTAL $3300 KIKES :shock: :shock: :shock: Nearly as much as my first bike
  12. $500 Arai helmet
    $70 tinted visor
    $500 A* leather Track pants
    $700 A* TZ-1 leather jacket
    $300 A* Vortex waterproof boots
    $90 A* Sp-2 gloves 2nd hand
    $120 RST fully perforated leather gloves
    $200 Spidi Sportcomposite H2OUT waterproof gloves
    $220 Icon Hooligan jeans
    $40 DriRider plastic pants (lost)
    $40 RJays plastic pants
    $125 Ventura Bag
    $225 Wave 2 back protector


    bout to spend $420 on the new A* Supertech R boots (import instead of paying $600 local)
    and $250ish for RJays technical waterproof jacket

    soon to be $3800ish... on gear :shock:

    and im wanting some more vented leathers then, jacket at least, maybe pants....

    then there was insurance, excess from crashing, more insurance, rego n all that shiz.

    oh n a $6500 bike :LOL:

    fark me it adds up
  13. Icon textile jacket $200
    dryrider summit pants $250
    Rjays summer jacket $200
    draggin cargos $210
    Shoei - $500
    Dririder boots $180
    A* SMX4 boots $350
    Gloves $250 (2 pair - summer & winter)
    leather jacket $390

    2320 so far.

    In the next month or two I will have to buy some new pants (I already need a belt to hold the draggins up and the dryriders are running out of velcro)
  14. Where do you buy your visors? I'm looking for an Arai quantum light smoked for my Condor, the shipping and conversion seems to negate any savings from buying overseas.
  15. dunno don't care, :grin:

    But always on special, never pay full price as it will be on special one day!
  16. Black Rose Leather Jacket and Leather Jeans $650
    (comes with back protector and armour built in)
    Black Rose threw in a pair of leather gloves, belt and belt buckle because they are the importer and retailer
    Rossi Boots $160 (from memory - was a while ago)
    Shoei Helmet $700
    Waterproof overpants $20 Aussie Disposals

    After my 6 December prang, I got to go and buy them all again last month. Got the same gear because it worked so well last time!

  17. Helmet $750
    Leather jacket $700
    Textile jacket $300
    Boots - $370
    Leather jacket $700
    Leather Teknic Violator 1pc suit $750 (ebay, retails $1700? here)
    Boots $400
    Gloves $120
    Gloves $120
    Gloves $80
    Visors $60
    Backpack $120
    Backpack $260
    Spare helmet $150
    Textile jacket $150 (secondhand for a pillion)

    about $5000 so far.....

    Dont even mention bike mods and accessories!!!! :shock:
  18. Hmm....a bit, but this is for the first year (coming up in a few days) so there's a base/starter outlay that had to be made. Heaps of it bought used or discounted.

    3 pairs of gloves, $300 (commuting, winter, track/weekend fun)
    Helmet and 3 visors $400 (spare clear, 2 iridium)
    2 pairs Draggins $310
    Heaps of earplugs - $50 (everyone should think about 'em)
    2 pairs of boots - $460 (commuting, weekend/track)
    2 piece Berik leathers $550 (weekend/track fun)
    3 Textile jackets $370 (mesh for summer, dry and wet, commuting/higher vis.)
    Textile pants $110 (not much use)
    2 pairs knee sliders $150 (fun++)

    Over $2500 and counting :roll: Still use most of it though.
  19. helmet; $650
    visor; $80
    jacket; $1250
    back plate; $150
    pants: $600
    gloves; $250
    boots; $600
    socks; $10 for 3 pairs, bargain!

    too lazy to add up, but the words 'too much' comes to mind just looking over it. :LOL:
  20. I've got a Rjays helmet I paid $120 for.