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Just Ordered New Tyres

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by alan55, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I've just ordered my new tyres from the US which cost me about $303 delivered after a couple weeks of indecision.

    The last three sets have been Bridgestone BT23's which usually give about 12,000 for the front and 8,000 - 10,000 for the rear.

    I thought about trying the cheaper Shinko Verge but would need to go to ST1300 (170/60 ZR17) size on the rear rather than the 160/70 ZR17 that is OEM size for my ST1100A. The front, a 120/70 ZR18 being the same on both models.

    Doing the search for the front tyre which I needed first I noticed that the BT23 GT tyre (for heavy bikes) came up in my size. At 298 kg dry weight a Honda ST1100A is no light weight. Another search for my rear only showed the standard BT23 so looked for the 1300 size and the GT tyre came up.

    The GT tyre for these two models aren't available in Australia as yet (slack wholesalers) so I ordered them to see how they'd compare to standard BT23 tyre.

  2. Hopefully they're what you're after.. be a shame if the tyres didn't suit your purpose. Don't forget to post up a review! By the views on the thread, it looks like there's a few interested parties (y)
  3. Tyres should be ok as they're meant for a heavy tourer and in any case they can't be worse than the basic BT23.
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  4. Good thing you didnt go the shitkos. Had them on my old hyo. Like plastic. rubbish tyres
  5. The tyres arrived on Tuesday (2nd July), front wheel off on Wednesday and the car tyre dealer swapped the tyres over for me ( they do dirt bikes normally)on Thursday and I put it all back together yesterday.

    In a couple weeks the fork seals are getting done so I cleaned off the built up dirt on Friday. Between now and the ride to Port Augusta to get the seals done I won't be going anywhere on the bike.

    This morning I moved the bike around to the front. We live on a corner and have street access into the back yard and even for that short distance around the corner, the steering was so much better than my ride back from Saddleworth a week ago today.

    The front BT- 23 GT tyre has a different tread pattern than the standard.

    GT tyre on Left and my old 23 upside down on the Right

  6. One of the guys in our club bought two sets and got about 17,000 kms out of a set on his ST1100P.

    If it wasn't for the GT spec. tyre I probably would have tried the Shinko as well.
  7. The stock Shinkos coming in on Hyosungs might well be poor. But like all tyre manufacturers, don't judge the brand by one example. If that were the case I'd never look at another Bridgestone. The 003 and 009 Shinkos grip well, warm up quickly and last a very long time. Cheap, strong and effective. I'm about to replace a rear 009 that's done 18,000km, and the previous did 19,000k, But for shifts and giggles I'm trying an Angel GT on the back this time.
  8. bridgestone and importing
    thats like importing a commodore.
    just sounds wrong