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Just ordered an EasyTrailer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by virgilwashere, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Thought I share my positive experiences so far with EasyTrailer.

    I haven't received the trailer yet - it's due on Tuesday - and I'll update when it's all assembled.

    They were really good to deal with, and their PDF catalogue is fairly comprehensive. I started an online order process, calculated the NetRider 5% discount and got a number I was happy with.

    Then I called them to confirm a couple of questions. They are running a special at the moment for 10% off. Extra happy. $1192 delivered.

    Based on their advice, I've gone with an 8x5 folding trailer (850TA8) with 2 motorcycle wheel locks (46MX) on it. They say you cannot fit 3 road bikes, so there was no point getting a third 46MX. Maybe on the wider trailer, but it doesn't fold up, and that was a primary concern for me.

    Will post a follow up and some pics when I've got it all together.

  2. [​IMG]

    that 1 there eh

  3. No, that one has teh 30MF front channels. I'm getting the one with the wheel locks.

  4. Once you have put it together, please report back as I would like to know how robust you think they are.

    They offer a number of benefits, but I am still unsure as to the strength.

    I wasn't aware that the 8x5 could fold, I thought that was only on the 7x4. Might have to check the catalogue again.
  5. I have a 6x4 version, its rated to 500kg.

    It very sturdy, the main thing is to ensure load distribution or add a couple of nuts and bolts to connect the bits that are free for folding purposes. If you are planning to drag around heavy loads - I would look for a fixed trailer.

    All in all - it's a real neat trailer, esp if you have storage constaints
  6. hi there - simlar to froggy, could you please report back when you have it all put together...

    i would also like to have your thoughts...because i am thinking of buying a similar trailer from them..

    many thanks
  7. The trailer arrived last week, in 11 boxes :)

    A friend and I spent lots of hours putting it together. I would highly recommend ensuring you have IMPERIAL spanners and sockets before you start. And preferably a 9/16 ratchet spanner.

    This is a solid trailer, with LOTS of bolts and nylock nuts holding it all together - there are 18 for each MX wheel lock alone.

    To fold the trailer up, one reasonably strong person can do it (I just did a 155kg deadlift tonight - a PB!). Two is easier.

    There are a couple of outstanding things I need to clarify with the manufacturer:

    1. with the wooden floor bolted down (18 bolts), how are you supposed to secure the back half to the front when folded? currently using zip ties :)
    2. i wasnt expecting to need to drill mounting holes for the 46MX wheel locks for adequate mounting. Only 1 hole available per side on standard ply floor. is this correct?

    Further to this, I am investigating creating two plates with spot welded bolts on them for the "crossbar" and "hinge" mounting points on the 46MX, so assist with attach/detach so the wheel locks can be used as pit stands during track day, and remove at home to allow folding. comments?

    Haven't attached to a vehicle yet. Those results coming soon too.

    I don't have pictures available yet - will followup.

    Generally, happy with my trailer. Folds and fits in garage. Can be loaded by myself.

  8. Re: EasyTrailer followups

    zip ties/bungee cords was the response. I'll working out some sort of stronger latch in the near future.

    Will be doing the pre-welded bolts-on-a-plate for mounting the wheel locks.

    The wheel locks work really well. Good idea to have two tie down points per bike for the rear to stop lateral movement.

    Trip from East Brisbane to Queensland Raceway was uneventful for the trailer.
    Me and the bike, not so much - but that's another story.

    Still no pictures :(

  9. So lets assume that if the trailer was $1000 and you flashed your membership card and got 5% off, you have just saved $50 or 5 x your membership investment :)
  10. Been a fair while now, how's the trailer holding up? I'm also interested in one of these, mainly because I have limited room to store a trailer and I'll only have one bike on it (for track days).

  11. I'd be interested to hear too Arc but the OP hasn't been online since July last year so I don't think we will get an answer. :(
  12. Love how they fold up....I don't have much room in the garage as is...they seem decent pricewise too...and I only need to be able to take one bike.
  13. I'm still around :)

    Trailer is still a happy purchase.

    Getting pretty quick at unfolding an installing the wheel mounts.

    Can do it alone, although I prefer help with getting bikes up and down the ramp.
    A my tie downs need work.

    No issues on highway.

  14. Thanks Virgil, You have obviously been lurking. ;) I may get one of these myself then, but first I need a tow bar for the cage. Its all money Ho Hum.
  15. Mmmm...same, I priced it up yesterday as

    850TAB 8x4 folding trailer	$660
    50SB steel floor		$150
    46MX Wheel lock			$149
    63B/67-1 Spare wheel		$99
    TR-01 Dee rings			$49
    46MR 6' ramp			$110
    38B jockey wheel		$79
    TOTAL				$1296, -5% netrider discount == $1,231.20
    That seems pretty good for a folding trailer and the ability to carry two to three bikes, I'll mostly only ever have one on though...well, for now LOL.

    I was contemplating getting the Kaneg trailermate stands though.

    Oh, and Tyre Downs...I'm sure it's overkill having these and wheel locks/trailermates, but I want to be sure, to be sure :D

  16. Yeah, that threw me, quoted $500-600 to get a bar and electrics fitted to my Honda Integra <gulp>.