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Just ordered a new C50.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by rod, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Just ordered a new C50 from Mick Hone in Box Hill. I get off restrictions on 12 July and pick it up then. Have been amassing various add ons over the last month or so from the US. Got sissy bar and rack, engine gaurd light bar and K&N filter all from Republicycle. Got to wait 3 weeks, thats a very long time.

  2. Nice one!
  3. Congrats Rod ,they are a great bike :grin:
  4. I just picked up my C50 yesterday, it's one of the nicest bikes I've ever ridden, and I'm new to cruisers - previously I rode a Z750.

    I love it!
  5. Great stuff !!

    And Glen at Republic Cycle is the man .. :twisted:
  6. Yeah Glenn is 1st rate, all orders landed within 14 days and cheapest prices I could find.

    Blue14 did you do ant exhaust mods on your C50?
  7. Yes i debaffled the exhaust ... Easy to do and sounds great too .. :twisted:
  8. How much louder?
  9. Congrats Rod. Look forward to seeing it on the Thursday night rides.
  10. Thanks Chris, can't wait.
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    Before and after:
  12. And this is a Suzuki Boulevard C50:

    It's a 800cc V-twin cruiser.

    I rode Honda "cubs" or step-throughs during my younger days too, altho they were C70s, and later C90s.
  13. Funny thing is deecubed I used to ride a Honda C90 on the farm when I was a kid.
  14. Good on yer Rod, and you too Whitenite! I had a C70 I inherited from my Dad. 80 miles per gallon. Be handy now with petrol prices eh! I passed my test on it. It was the smallest bike you could do your test on and then go on the motorway. Semi-automatic gearbox...ah I've got tears in my eyes :cry:
  15. Heh, you guys tried the Revv-up-in NEUTRAL-engage-1st-gear wheelie trick?! :grin:
    The C70/90 semi-auto gears are good for it!
  16. Yeah, it wasn't so much a trick when I did it though. It was amongst my first almost offs! I also got pinged during my lessons for a lack of "machine sympathy" by which he meant I was stamping on the lever once I'd come to a stop.
  17. Hi Rod, great choice

    I brought a C50 from Mick earlier this year and its been great. Looking at some K-Drive saddlebags for the longer trips.

  18. Thanks Mark
    Just ordered K-Drives from Bikemart for $695 less Netrider discount, makes it cheaper than buying from the US, I think Cruisercustomising had them on sale for $615US plus shipping.
  19. Has a nice deep note.. :twisted:
    Not aggressive like some of the systems around...